How Misen Is Able To Make the Perfect Knife Without the Jacked-Up Price

boxes full of misen knives
Courtesy of Misen

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Why is it that great kitchen knives always cost an arm and a leg? All we’re doing is slicing and dicing. It’s not like we’re purchasing a brand new laptop or a fancy, paper-thin television. Why can’t good knives come at a price the average person can actually afford?

Well, with Misen, they can.

Misen Courtesy of Misen

While working at Fresh Direct, Misen founder Omar Rada quickly realized that using only grade-A chef’s knives and cookware really affected the quality of his food. After attempting to replace a lost pan in the kitchen, he came to the realization that good cooking supplies almost always come with a high price tag — sometimes ridiculously so.

This brought him to a simple yet ambitious conclusion: he could change the cookware game entirely by creating an affordable cookware line for professional chefs and at-home cooks without asking them to break the bank.

That’s when he created Misen.

Misen Chef's Knife Courtesy of Misen

Misen has a slew of affordable yet masterful cookware products to choose from that include nonstick pans, indestructible sets, cutting boards and spatulas. But, the real takeaway here? Misen knives.

Misen knives simply knock the ball out of the park in terms of performance. They’re incredibly comfortable to hold, sharp and durable, which is essentially all a good knife needs, right?

Rather than picking a side between German or Japanese steel, the brand decided to cherry-pick bits and pieces from each design to create something totally unique: the ultimate hybrid. Each knife uses AUS-10 steel to hit the perfect sweet spot so your knife stays sharper longer and durable for its entire lifespan.

Not only are the steel properties what make Misen’s knives so unique, but the design of the blade as well. Unlike the 25-degree blade angle of most Western knives, Misen chose to give their knives a 15-degree angle for a sharper cutting face. Additionally, the space between the handle and blade (otherwise known as the bolster) is extra sloped for a stronger grip.

Misen Knives Courtesy of Misen

Misen went through 37 different prototypes before landing on the version you can buy today. And why did they do that? To ensure the knife they’re giving their customers is nothing short of the best knife ever. Period.

Best of all, Misen’s best-selling Chef’s Knife is only $65, a more than reasonable price for a high-quality knife that will last for many years. If you’re still in doubt, then you should know that this top-rated knife has earned more than 7,700 reviews and counting, with customers raving about its design, sharpness and comfortable handle.

Other knives from Misen are priced even lower, with their Paring Knife at $30, the Utility Knife at $45, the Serrated Knife at $60 and even an Essential Knife Set starting at just $130.

There’s no need to go above and beyond when purchasing your next great chef’s knife when Misen exists. Check out all of their incredible knives below and see why the brand is so popular among both foodies and professional chefs for yourself.

Misen Chef's Knife Courtesy of Misen