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This Isn’t a Typo: Save 50% On Misen Cookware With This Special Code During The Brand’s Biggest Sale EVER

What’s cookin’? Certainly not your bank account.

Our favorite affordable yet quality cookware brand, Misen, is currently cheaper than EVER. For just four days only (April 5 to April 8), you can save 50% on warehouse items Misen made way too much of.

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Courtesy of Misen

Rubbing your eyes? We promise you’re seeing that correctly. We’re talking over $100 in savings on top products such as the Dutch Oven, Braiser, Grill Pan, Oven Steel, Stainless Steel Skillet, Nonstick Pan and Prep Tool Holder with a special secret code at checkout.

This is some big news, too. Misen rarely ever exceeds 25% off anything. At half off, this is something we’ll likely never see again.

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Courtesy of Misen

But, what’s the occasion? Well, there isn’t one. Just like tons of brands worldwide, Misen was affected by a really botched supply chain issue. Now, they just have way too many products. That means whatever you order will be ready to ship as soon as you purchase. You’ll step up your cooking game quicker than quick.

Save now on the best nonstick pans, the most gorgeous dutch ovens and everything in between. Just type SUPPLYCHAINSAVINGS in at checkout and watch your shopping cart cut in half.

There has never been a better time to update your kitchen with some of the best cookware money can buy. So, what are you waiting for? See everything on sale right now using the link below and be sure to use code SUPPLYCHAINSAVINGS at checkout.


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