Here’s A Toast To Our Favorite Drinkware Sets On Amazon

best mixed drinkware sets
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One of the best ways to make a home feel elegant is with matching decor, and the easiest place to start is with kitchenware. In college, you might have gotten used to drinking out of whatever you had lying around, whether that was a novelty mug of mysterious provenance or an old Solo cup that you definitely should have thrown out. But once you have your own place, getting a matching set of mixed drinkware glasses will make any entertaining you do feel instantly more sophisticated. An added benefit of matching drinkware is that they’re often stackable, which you can’t always do with the random mismatched glasses you have in your cabinet.

A good mixed glassware set will typically include two different kinds of glasses: short rocks glasses and tall highball glasses or tumblers. Rocks glasses are traditionally used for cocktails like an old fashioned, and highballs got their name from the cocktail of the same name. But the beauty of having a good set of glasses is that you can use them however you want. These are some of our favorite mixed drinkware sets to buy right now.

1. Libbey Polaris 16-Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set

This set of 16 glasses includes eight 16.25 ounce glasses and eight 12.5 ounce glasses. The glasses have a rounded, 1-inch thick bottom and a straight bowl, giving them a unique and modern look. You can choose between clear glasses or a “smoke” ombre color.

Pros: Stylish and modern look, thick bottom, well-priced set includes 16 glasses.

Cons: Somewhat fragile.

libbey mixed drinkware set Amazon

2. US Acrylic 8-piece Premium Quality Plastic Tumblers

If you’re occasionally prone to clumsiness, you may want a set of glasses made out of plastic. These tumblers have the sophisticated look of glass, but they’ll resist any drops you or your guests might put them through. The set consists of 4 rocks and 4 highball glasses.

Pros: Break-resistant alternative to glass, classic look with an insulated bottom, made in the US.

Cons: Straight shape limits the glasses’ stackability.

us acrylic mixed drinkware Amazon

3. Home Essentials 12-pc. Glassware Set

If you prefer a little texture, these glasses have dimples, akin to a traditional German beer mug. The 12-piece set includes four 17 ounce glasses, four 13 ounce glasses, and four 7 ounce glasses. This variety means you can have a complete drinkware set with just one affordable purchase.

Pros: 12 piece set includes 3 different kinds of glasses, dimpled texture which is reminiscent of traditional German steins.

Cons: Somewhat fragile.

home essentials mixed drinkware Amazon