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Distinguished Tools for the Master Mixologist

* Essential tools to tend your home bar
* World-class style
* Long-lasting stainless steel

Here’s something for those who take their drink-making and entertaining seriously – The Marquis by Waterford Vim & Vigor Metal Bar Tool Set has everything you need for masterful mixing and stylish serving. This set puts you in command of your cocktails and lets every guest know your bar is better tended than the average party.

Because we all notice the small details, right? And, how you serve says just as much about you as what you serve. That’s why this set is perfect for entertaining. When you roll out this beautiful barware, with its burnished gold and silver stainless steel accents, it will speak volumes about the drink experience to come.

This set lets you take your mixology to the next level with exquisite, carefully crafted essentials including an ice bucket, bar knife, strainer, tongs, muddler and bottle opener. Each piece is sturdy enough to last for years. And, you feel the quality in your hand.

No home is complete without a proper bar set up. And, this exquisite barware from Marquis by Waterford instantly adds extra flavor to any occasion. Why buy the perfect glasses if you’re not going to use the perfect accessories? Treat yourself – and your guests – to this world-class mixology must-have.

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