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Use This Clever Gadget to Try All Your Wines Without Ever Opening a Single Bottle

* Never spoil another bottle of wine again
* Enjoy all the wine without ever opening a single bottle
* Screw-top bottles need not apply

There was a time not too long ago when the only real gadgets you could get to accessorize a bottle of wine were a corkscrew, an aerator or vacuum stopper. But all of these were meant to be used while drinking a bottle of wine. Sure, you could get away with a stopper for a few hours or even a day, but the bottle would inevitably spoil.

Coravin, on the other hand, seems to have solved that issue with its Model Two wine system, by never actually uncorking the bottle. It sounds crazy but it works. So whether you want to taste an array of wines or simply just want one glass, the Coravin system allows you to do just that without your wine oxidizing and going bad.

The way it works is quite simple, albeit a tiny bit cumbersome. All you need to do is inject the bottle with Coravin’s specialized wine needle, which slides through the cork without ever breaking the seal. A capsule filled with pure argon gas then pressurizes the bottle, allowing the wine to flow (somewhat) freely. Once you’ve pulled the needle, the cork, according to Coravin, will reseal itself naturally.

It sounds somewhat gimmicky, but the reviews for the Coravin wine systems are overwhelmingly positive. The Model Two Plus Pack includes three different wine needles for just about any corked wine bottle you’ll encounter, along with a handy carrying case and two argon gas capsules. Each capsule will pour up to 15, five-ounce glasses of wine.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, or simply enjoy it on occasion, the Coravin wine system seems like the only real gadget you’ll ever need or want. The way you drink wine just got a whole lot better.

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