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Celebrate National Tequila Day With This Cocktail Recipe From New York City’s Añejo

* National Tequila Day is July 24
* Celebrate with this grown-up cocktail from popular New York restaurant, Añejo
* Uses double distilled El Tesoro Silver Tequila

New York City hotspot, Añejo, is known as one of the best places in town for a tequila tasting, with both its Hell’s Kitchen and Tribeca locations offering up some of the city’s most eclectic selections of tequilas, mezcals and Mexican distillations (not to mention margaritas, above). So when it came to creating the ideal cocktail for National Tequila Day, there was no better place for us to turn to.

Here, the restaurant, and head bartender, Louis Fata, introduce us to a new cocktail that’s a step up from your generic Tequila Sunrise or Cuervo lime, in favor of a smooth and soothing concoction that will perfectly complement your dinner – we recommend a good steak or tacos.

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Image courtesy of Anejo[/caption]

La Dama Rosada from Añejo
1 oz. El Tesoro Silver
½ Laird’s Apple Brandy
¼ Cointreau
¾ Lemon
¾ House Grenadine
¼ Simple
1 Egg White

Combine the ingredients in a shaker over ice. Strain and serve. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Añejo recommends using El Tesoro Silver Tequila which is double distilled in copper stills to exactly 80 proof. It’s first distilled with the agave fibers to retain the natural agave flavors. Liquid is run off in the first 12 hours of distillation to remove wax and dust from the original plant. This creates an alcohol called “ordinario.” It’s then distilled a second time, which turns the “ordinario” into crystal clear tequila. It’s smooth and sweet without being overpowering, and makes a great tequila for mixing.

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Image courtesy El Tesoro[/caption]

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