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It’s National Waffle Day: Snag This Dash Waffle Maker For $12 (Yes, Really)

With all due respect to the pancake, the waffle is the best batter-based breakfast. A lot of that has to do with how easy they are to make. Consistency can vary greatly between pancakes, ranging from deliciously golden-brown to doughy, dry messes. But unless you burn them to a crisp or undercook them, even a bad waffle is still pretty decent. Oh, and they have built-in butter and syrup pockets. Who can say no to pockets?

The only catch is that you need a waffle maker. Since today is National Waffle Day in the U.S. (as I’m sure you know, Waffle Day is observed in March in Nordic countries), waffle makers are currently on sale. And while we’d all love an industrial-grade Belgian waffle maker, not all of us have the kitchen space or budget to accommodate such an extravagant purchase. Fortunately, cookware brand Dash is celebrating #waffleweek by offering discounts on its already very affordable waffle makers.

In fact, the mint-colored mini waffle maker featured below is currently priced at just $12.49 today, and other colors are on sale for about the same price. SPY has tested similar waffle makers from Dash, and we can verify that they’re easy to use, easy to clean, and result in delicious waffles — provided you have a good waffle recipe.

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Courtesy of Dash

What We Love About Dash Waffle Makers

As much as we love kitchen gear, we’re hesitant to recommend too many single-use appliances. Why? The name says it all; they only have a single use. But a waffle maker is the kind of single-use appliance worth buying. Unlike a margarita maker or an avocado slicer, there’s no easy alternative to making waffles without one. And believe it or not, you can use a waffle maker to cook other foods, so they’re not even single-use.

Dash ensures buying a waffle maker is a no-brainer because theirs are small and economical. The smallest is barely longer than a smartphone and costs about as much as you’d pay for a single waffle at brunch, so if you only have a dorm room’s worth of space and a college student’s budget, you can still enjoy homemade waffles.

Dash’s waffle maker usually costs $17 but is discounted 20% to just under $12.50 today. Besides Dash’s classic waffle maker, they also have other styles on sale if you want to make more than one tiny waffle at a time. We don’t expect these deals to last beyond the end of National Waffle Day, so place your orders before midnight. If you miss it, we’ll see you next year for National Fried Chicken Day, which falls on July 6.


Dash Deluxe Mini Maker for Individual Waffles

As much as we love a giant, fluffy Belgian waffle, sometimes you want a waffle you can take on the go. This tiny waffle maker makes waffles that can fit in the palm of your hand, but you can easily and quickly make a stack.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Dash Multi Mini Waffle Maker

If you’ve got big mouths to feed with small waffles, Dash’s Multi Mini Waffle Maker can make four waffles at once and cooks them quickly. The clever design features grooves on the side that collect excess batter for mess-free clean-up. There’s no reason not to snack on the delicious excess waffle.

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Courtesy of Amazon