White Delight: 8 Tasty Treats for Celebrating National White Chocolate Day

national white chocolate day
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* September 22 is National White Chocolate Day
* Celebrate with one (or all) of these white chocolate-filled treats
* Plain chocolate bars to fancy cheesecake balls, this list has something for all chocolate lovers

White chocolate lovers, rejoice! September 22 brings National White Chocolate Day and an excuse to feast on low content cocoa confectionery. From white chocolate bars to cheesecake balls, we’ve collected the best white chocolate products that are available for purchase online. Pick up one (or 8) to celebrate this month’s sweetest day.

1. Green and Black’s Organic White Chocolate Bar

There’s no better way to celebrate white chocolate’s national day than with a brick of the good stuff. This bar is completely USDA organic as well as fair trade and ethically sourced as certified by the UN. Furthermore, the chocolate is produced from Trinitarian beans, Madagascar vanilla and cocoa butter, making it far superior to imitation brands.

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2. Peanut Butter and Co. Vegan White Chocolate Wonderful

Who knew peanut butter and white chocolate would pair up to taste so gosh darn delicious? Peanut Butter & Co. have made it happen with White Chocolate Wonderful, which is non-GMO peanut butter blended with sweet white chocolate. Try this spread with berries or your favorite baked goods for a nutritious and vegan snack. This pack comes with 2 16-ounce jars.

National White Chocolate Day buy online vegan organic peanut butter Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Wilton White Candy Melts

Incredibly versatile, Wilton White Candy Melts will allow you to get creative with National White Chocolate Day. These meltable chips can create chocolate lollipops, truffles or even white chocolate-covered strawberries. Simply pop them in the microwave or over a double boiler and get to work making your best white chocolate creations.

National White Chocolate Day buy online candy melts Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Ghirardelli White Chocolate Beverage Mix

If you’re a hot chocolate lover, this is definitely what you should buy for National White Chocolate Day. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Sweet Ground White Chocolate Flavor Beverage Mix creates a sweet and rich drink that is one part white chocolate and nine parts unforgettable. The powder can also be used to flavor baked goods or can be mixed with your daily espresso for a Starbucks-like experience.

National White Chocolate Day buy online Ghirardelli powder drink mix Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Stash White Chocolate Mocha Tea

A slightly healthier option, the Stash White Chocolate Mocha is a sweet flavored tea that is all-natural, caffeinated and guilt-free. Cocoa shells, black tea, cinnamon, natural coffee and chocolate flavors are all mixed together inside each individual tea bag. If you’d like a richer taste, simply add a splash of milk or a pinch of sugar after brewing for 3 to 5 minutes.

National White Chocolate Day buy online mocha tea stash Image courtesy of Amazon


6. DaVinci Gourmet White Chocolate Sauce

DaVinci White Chocolate Sauce is designed to act just like traditional chocolate sauce except it doesn’t contain any cocoa or caffeine. Instead, you’ll pick up on the taste of toasted vanilla beans, cream and sugar. Try it blended with milk, on your favorite ice cream or as an accompaniment to Sunday morning pancakes for an unexpected yet delicious treat.

National White Chocolate Day buy online davinci dessert syrup Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Wind and Willow White Chocolate Dessert Mix

Wind and Willow are known for their amazing dessert mixes. And this White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake Mix will show you why. The packet can be mixed with cream cheese, mascarpone or whipped cream to create cheesecakes, cheeseballs and mousse desserts filled with white chocolate and amaretto flavors. With a confection this good, why not throw a National White Chocolate Day party?

National White Chocolate Day buy online cheesecake cheeseball dessert mix amaretto Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bars

If you’re on a diet or headed to the gym for National White Chocolate Day, we’ve got good news. You can still celebrate with Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bars. Each snack contains dried raspberries, cocoa butter, almonds and other natural flavors as well as approximately 20 grams of protein. Of course, they are delicious unto themselves, but you can also bake them into a larger meal or use them along with berries and yogurt for a healthy yet white chocolate-filled breakfast.

National White Chocolate Day buy online raspberry protein bar Image courtesy of Amazon

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