Swap Your Red Bull For These Natural Alternatives Instead

natural energy drink red bull alternatives
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* Red Bull is filled with added sugar and artificial ingredients
* These alternatives use only natural ingredients to achieve the same outcome
* Alternative energy sources include green tea, hemp and adaptogenic herbs

If your day can’t start or end without a can of Red Bull to fill you with energy, it may be time to opt away from the sugar and additive-filled beverage. While there is nothing concrete to say consuming the popular drink in moderation results in outright problems, it’s definitely not good to consume excess amounts of sugar and other artificial ingredients. In addition, Red Bull has a notoriously unique taste, which is great for those who like it, but unpalatable for those that don’t. One thing is for sure, any time you consume Red Bull, you are not drinking what scientists would call a ‘natural’ substance.

This selection of energy drinks uses only natural ingredients. Rather than artificial additives and loads of sugar, you’ll find natural sources of caffeine inside these drinks alongside other energy-providing ingredients, such as hemp, green tea and adaptogenic herbs. On top of the fact these drinks use only natural ingredients, they also come in a range of great flavors to give you a more pleasant drinking experience.

1. Canna Hemp Energy Drink

Canna have scoured the globe to find the finest natural ingredients for their Canna Hemp Energy Drink . Each can contains real hemp seed oil and a source of organic caffeine to give both your mind and body the energy boost they need to take on the day. It’s also free from artificial flavors and colors, and it contains as little as 40 calories per bottle (depending on your flavor choice). Flavor options include original, mango and blueberry. You’ll also find this energy drink comes with both a taste and energy level guarantee.

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2. V8 +Energy Juice Drink

The V8 +Energy Juice Drink is a green tea-infused beverage offering the same levels of caffeine as you’re used to in Red Bull. But the V8 version comes without any added sugar, flavors or GMO products. Inside the can, you’ll also find a serving of vegetables and fruit, which provides plenty of B vitamins within a drink that contains less than 60 calories. You’ll also love the fruit flavor, which has been infused with tart raspberry and white grapes.

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3. RUNA Organic Clean Energy Drink

With blood orange, sweetened berry and lime flavors, there’s a taste to please every palate in the RUNA Organic Clean Energy Drink . This natural energy drink is completely organic. Each can contains 105 mg of natural caffeine, which has been sourced from guayusa leaf rather than inside a laboratory. This sustained energy source helps prevent the crashing associated with Red Bull, allowing you to remain focused for longer.

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4. X2 All Natural Healthy Energy Drink

This X2 All Natural Healthy Energy Drink ticks all the natural energy drink boxes. It contains less sugar, less sodium and has fewer calories than Red Bull. It’s also available in 4 delicious flavors. Plus, this healthy X2 drink uses only natural ingredients with all its caffeine and antioxidants coming from green tea. Pure honey and cane sugar provide a range of natural sugars.

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5. METTA Natural Awareness Beverage

METTA’s Natural Awareness Beverage contains clinically effective amounts of 4 adaptogenic herbs, including ginseng and rhodiola. It’s completely caffeine-free and instead uses natural herbs to help with immunity, improve stamina and mental clarity. You’ll also find it has a delicious flavor as it includes elements of lemon, blueberries and ginger extracts. In addition, METTA Natural Awareness Beverage is free from gluten, soy and all other major allergens. This is a great way to get your day off to an energy-filled start.

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