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This Adorable Loch Ness Monster Ladle is The Cutest Unnecessary Kitchen Gadget We’ve Ever Seen

Kitchen gadgets are fun, especially when they’re fun kitchen gadgets designed more for entertainment than actual culinary function. That corn on the cob stripper? Probably not essential. That half-an-avocado saver? Maybe not crucial but definitely helpful. This Loch Ness monster-themed ladle for soup? Adorable and necessary for serving up some delicious conspiracy theories about the world’s most elusive giant.

Nessie Turquoise Ladle by OTOTO

Nessie ladle

nessie ladle in pot


It’s made by the award-winning design studio OTOTO and is designed to look like the Loch Ness monster’s head popping out of your boiling soup. It also works as a functional ladle with a wide, deep basin at the bottom for scooping bowl fills with ease. It’s made of BPA-free material that’s dishwasher-safe and resistant to boiling water temperatures.

It’s colorful, comes in purple and green as well, and is a part of an entire line of “Nessie” products that include colanders and tea infuser spoons.