Mix Masters: 9 Cool Cocktail Mixers You Should Be Drinking Right Now

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* Include favorite cocktail mixers for Margaritas, Moscow Mules, Mojitos and more
* Sugar-free cocktail mixers and calorie-free options
* A proven way to prevent hangovers

There are countless reasons why we can’t get enough of making our own cocktails. It’s way cheaper than drinking out; second;  it’s fun to experiment and mix your own drinks at home, and it’s fun to make drinks for friends. You don’t have to be a master mixologist to whip up these refreshing cocktails. From a classic Margarita to the vibrant Moscow Mule, here are nine cool cocktail mixers you should be sipping on right this moment.

1. Stolichnaya Ginger Beer

Stolichnaya Ginger Beer Image courtesy of Drizly


2. Tonic Water

While tonic water does have a higher sugar content than other options, it’s a staple for bartenders and drink mixers around the world for a reason. It’s refreshing, pairs well with a few different liquors including tequila, vodka and gin and provides a slight bitterness on the tongue from quinine. If you’re looking for just a handful of useful mixers to stock your bar cart with, tonic water should definitely be on the list.

Fever Tree Tonic Water Courtesy of Amazon


3. Soda Water/ Sparkling Water

Soda water is actually different from tonic water and also goes by the name “sparkling water” or “club soda.” It should also fill a staple spot on your bar cart due to its versatility and low-sugar content. The bubbles will cut the bite of most liquors and you’ll know you’re putting something better into your body as true mineral water comes from a natural spring. You’ll pay a pretty penny for it, but it’ll be worth it. It’s a crowd pleaser and goes well with a spirit and crushed ice.

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water cocktail mixers best cocktail mixers sugar free cocktail mixers Courtesy of Amazon


4. Lime Juice

This one might seem fairly simple, but it’s a game changer when it comes to mixing cocktails. Lime juice adds the citrus bump that makes a lot of simple and more complex drinks delicious. It’s always best to use fresh limes, but the juicing can sometimes be a pain and time constraints might make this task impossible, especially if you’re making drinks with a bunch of people. In that case, this alternative from Lucy’s will work. One bottle is the equivalent of 22 limes and is made from 100% juice.

Lucy's Lime juice best cocktail mixers Courtesy of Amazon


5. Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Complete with complex notes of lemon and ginger spice, Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade is made with pure rose extract infusions from the Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Its just-sweet-enough flavor pairs beautifully with gin, whiskey and vodka, making it one of the most versatile mixers for trying new recipes.

Fentiman's Rose Lemonade Image courtesy of Drizly


6. Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

If you’re in the mood for an easy-to-craft Bloody Mary, the award-winning Bloody Mary Mix from Zing Zang is one of the best cocktail mixers. Low in sodium and calories, this mix tastes great with or without your favorite vodka.

Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix Image courtesy Drizly


7. Resqwater Proactive Recovery

The next time you decide to do girls or guys night out, take a few sips of Resqwater Proactive Recovery between cocktails to prevent dehydration and a pounding headache the next day. Scientific research shows that the ingredients in Resqwater aid in muscle recovery, and clinical tests demonstrate that it helps prevent hangovers. Cheers to that!

Resqwater Proactive Recovery Image courtesy of Drizly



8. Olive It Dirty Martini Mix

When you want a martini, quality is everything. Olive It Dirty Martini Mix is the world’s first and only dirty martini mixer, and also one of the best cocktail mixers we’ve found. This revolutionary product is made with a one-ton press to extract the juice from whole Spanish olives. No additives, no fillers–just real olive flavor without the salty aftertaste.

Olive It Dirty Martini Mix Image courtesy of Drizly


9. Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix

As one of America’s favorite cocktails, the Jose Cuervo Authentic Classic Lime Light Margarita is the ultimate go-to when it comes to quick cocktails. On the rocks or frozen with crushed ice, Jose Cuervo Margarita Mixes truly an essential cocktail mixer to have on hand; they’ll get any party started. Try it in classic lime, strawberry lime, mango and classic lime light.

Jose Cuervo Light Margarita Image courtesy of Drizly


10. Stirrings Mojito Mix

This effervescent cocktail was inspired by Havana’s vibrant lifestyle in the 1920s. While Hemingway’s Cuba is long gone, its spirit lives on in this sweet, sparkling blend of muddled mint, cane sugar and lime juice. Add ice, hit the blend button and sip your worries away.

Stirrings Mojito Mix Image courtesy of Drizly


11. Republic Spirit Jalapeno Lime

One taste and you’ll be amazed by Republic Spirit Blends’ Jalapeno Lime. The first sip may be mild, but soon you’ll feel the kick from fresh jalapenos that make this one of the best cocktail mixers available for spice. The combination of natural ingredients and peppered heat makes for a great cocktail every time.

Republic Spirit Jalapeno Lime Image courtesy of Drizly


12. Be Mixed Zero-Calorie Ginger Lime Mixer

When it comes to a great drink, quality ingredients and creativity are a must. What should be left out is excess sugar, which masks flavors and gives you a raging headache in the morning. Spare the extra calories and sugar with Zero-Calorie Ginger Lime Mixer. Spicy and tart, Ginger Lime offers a fresh take on classic cocktails such as Moscow Mules, Dark n’ Stormies, Ginger Margaritas and Hot Toddies.

Be Mixed Zero-Calorie Ginger Lime Mixer Image courtesy of Drizly