Don’t Let Winter Kill Your Grill! Bring It Inside With the Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill

ninja foodi indoor grill
Courtesy of Ninja

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Winter is awesome for so many reasons (you may have noticed we’re into gifts). Grilling, however, isn’t one of those reasons. Even if your grill isn’t locked up in the shed until spring or hibernating on the back deck under a foot of snow, it’s just too dang cold to be standing outside preparing succulent meats to feast upon.

How about a smokeless indoor grill, then? Better yet, how about a smokeless indoor grill that is also an air fryer, a dehydrator, a griddle, and a roaster? Believe it or not, this actually exists: the Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Grill is your ticket to 12 months of grilled-to-perfection meat goodness.

The Ninja Foodi can cook anything your grill can, minus the charcoa, propane, and smoke — all from the confines of your nice climate-controlled kitchen. Even if there’s a raging blizzard outside, you can still grill steaks, burgers, barbecue shrimp, and more. Food can even go into the Foodi while frozen and come out ready to eat 25 minutes later. It’s fast, convenient, and one of the most versatile countertop cooking appliances we’ve seen.

Start it up and the grill insert quickly reaches 500 degrees. The unique cyclonic grilling technology circulates the super-hot air and quickly brings your food to a perfect level of preparedness. You can enjoy a NY Strip Steak done to perfection in 11 minutes, and you can even enjoy it with those grill marks. Because what’s a good steak, burger, or weenie without grill marks?

Ninja Foodi 3 Courtesy of Amazon

Ninja Foodi 2 Courtesy of Amazon

The cyclonic grilling technology also means no need to flip your food. That saves effort, diminishes mess, and if you’re making fish, ensures it won’t fall to pieces.

We’ve only talked grilling so far, but the Ninja Foodi Indoor Griller is so much more than just a steak-and-burger maker. Remove the grill surface to reveal the four-quart crisper basket and air fry yourself a batch of crispy french fries with 75 percent less grease than the deep-fried version. Same goes for chicken wings or anything else you would normally dunk in messy, dangerous, unhealthy boiling oil.

Need more healthy options? The Ninja Foodi’s also a roaster. Carrots, asparagus, any veggie you can think of to go along with your main course, all easily roasted. Dehydrated fruit snacks? Yes, the Foodi can make those too (just give it a good wash first, unless you’re trying to create steak-flavored dehydrated apples). Pancakes? Okay, so that’s not a “healthy” dish, but who doesn’t love pancakes? The Foodi has a griddle accessory for those too.

If you don’t want the Ninja Foodi to live on your counter year-round, it measures a compact 17 x 14 x 11 and weighs just under 15 pounds, and it stores easily. If you’re short on storage, the Foodi’s an attractive piece of kitchenware. Either way, you’re sure to get 12 months of use out of it, even if you do decide to bust the grill back out of storage when the weather warms up.