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Ninja Just Released Its First Outdoor Grill, a Charcoal and Propane-Free BBQ Machine

Ninja, one of our favorite brands for multi-functional cooking devices that pack seven, eight and occasionally nine different appliances into one gadget, just released their first ever outdoor grill: the Ninja Woodfire Pro. As you would expect from a Ninja product, it’s not just a grill. This multifunctional appliance can also smoke, roast, bake, dehydrate, air crisp and broil all from the comfort of your own backyard, and comes with a whole slew of accessories for making the cooking process easy.

Ninja’s indoor grills are electric appliances, which makes sense — no one wants to die from carbon monoxide poisoning or burn their house down.

However, this new outdoor grill is also all-electric, and it offers a charcoal and propane-free cooking experience. We can definitely see a use case for that. Apartment dwellers who are forbidden from using charcoal grills will certainly appreciate the electric nature of this outdoor grill. Think also about campgrounds that don’t allow open flames or tailgates in forest fire country. However, we do wonder if the electric nature of the grill will be a turn-off for experienced grillmasters.

Regardless, it’s one of the biggest new releases we’ve seen from Ninja all year, and we expect many people will love the ironically named Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill.

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About the Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill

The grill is built to perfectly char meats and seafood, smoke using authentic BBQ bark for those woodfire flavors it’s named after, and can accomplish cooking tasks you’re used to relying on Ninja for like air frying and roasting.

It comes with Ninja’s signature Woodfire Pellets that are made with 100% premium hardwood and used to infuse smoked goods with that seasoned flavor you’re looking for. It has an integrated smoke box that can roast up to 1/2 a cup of pellets, and has a convection fan that circulates the heat around evenly, for an even cook.

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Courtesy of Ninja

It has a built-in thermometer for tracking the progress of your cooks, and it comes with its own grill stand for convenient grilling from anywhere. It’s weather-resistant, and because it uses 100% electric power without charcoal, propane or unpredictable flare-ups, it’s safe to use on balconies.

It also has a large capacity, and can cook two full racks of ribs, six steaks, three pounds of wings, a 9-pound brisket or up to 30 hot dogs at the same time. If you’ve got a big family, a big appetite, or are craving more from your standard grill, this is a brand new product worth checking out.

We haven’t had the chance to test and review the first Ninja outdoor grill yet, and we’ll update this page once we’ve been able to properly test it.