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Carry Delicious BBQ With You Wherever You Go With This Briefcase Grill From NOMAD

Waiting hours for a decent campfire to start? Let’s skip it. This portable barbecue briefcase grill from NOMAD is designed for perfect portability and ready to join you wherever your next adventure takes you. You no longer have to settle for bulky camp stoves with questionable reliability or scrounge for kindling and coax your campfire for hours before you can roast your weenies. NOMAD has you covered and then some with this convenient grilling machine.

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Courtesy of NOMAD

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This is a grill and a smoker rolled into one with a cast aluminum construction and unbeatable portability. The exterior has an anodized finish with a chemical conversion process that protects and treats the aluminum surface for corrosion-resistance and optimal durability. It’s made with a multi-layer construction and SurfaceSafe tech that keeps the temperature of the outer shell low while you’re cooking so you can place it on any surface without concern of an unexpected, unintended heat source erupting.

The grates are made of ultralight stainless steel and have a dome design for extra coal clearance and added rigidity and strength. It also has convective airflow built in that’s designed to distribute heat evenly and cook your food quicker with less energy. This grill also has MagVent air vents that slide open and closed with magnets for damper control, mess mitigation and ash containment. The super soft handle is ergonomically designed for all-day carrying comfort.

The grill also has an integrated Tel-Tru MFG’s bimetal thermometer that’ll give you the accurate temperature reads you need to cook your food to perfection anywhere.

This grill packs 425 square inches of expansive cooking space, that can accommodate 15 burgers on each side if need be, into a 28-pound portable briefcase package that you can bring anywhere. It makes a great addition to your camping trip, cookout, tailgate routine or afternoon in the park. It’s a great gift for the griller in your life, nature enthusiast or aspiring outdoor chef.