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Fresh Oat Milk for a Fraction of the Price? Our Nutr Review Is in, and We’re Obsessed

Since Lactaid became an everyday carry essential and nut milk became the default order at coffee shops, dairy milk is out.

Almond and oat milk varieties are in but are also much more expensive than their dairy-filled brethren, which can hike the cost up significantly, especially if you’re ordering your go-to from your local coffee shop every day. You can make your coffee at home using a top-rated cold brew maker or espresso machine, but you still have the pesky cost of the milk alternative. Thankfully, there’s the Nutr. A device designed to make brewing your own fresh nut milk at home as easy as making cold brew in the fridge, and it delivers.

SPY’s editorial team got a chance to try the Nutr and were impressed with the results. This little machine makes a solid nut milk in minutes, but is it similar to store-bought brands? We tested it and compared it directly to our go-to store-bought varieties. Keep reading to find out how it stacked up.

Nutr Machine

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Courtesy of Nutr


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Taylor Galla | SPY

Nutr Review: The Specs

Product Dimensions: 

  • 4.3 x 4.3 x 8.2 inches
  • 3 pounds

Capacity: 350 milliliters

Voltage: 110V / 60 Hz of power

What It Comes With:

  • Nutr Milk Machine
  • 2 stainless steel measuring spoons
  • A cleaning brush
  • A recipe booklet

Using The Nutr Machine

One of the best parts of the Nutr? It’s incredibly easy to use. It looks like a tea kettle/blender and takes up minimal space on your countertop. All it takes is a scoop of nuts, a cup of water, some vanilla extract or honey and a pinch of salt, and you’re ready. After you turn it on and select your temperature preference, it gets to work.

Grinding Away

The grinding and blending are loud, but the machine has a countdown that lets you know exactly how much time you have left in the process. It takes about 5 minutes to make a batch of milk, and after it’s done, you can either add it directly to your coffee if you don’t mind a few almond chunks here and there or spend a minute or two straining.


The straining is another snag in the otherwise streamlined Nutr milk maker process. After the blending process, there are leftover almond chunks of various sizes in the milk. Some are large enough to block the filter, and cleaning those out without losing any milk can get messy. Overall, the strainer works well and is an excellent addition because despite the incredible performance the Nutr delivers consistently, every batch had at least a few small pieces of almond left in it.


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Taylor Galla | SPY

Nutr Review Key Features

The Nutr is not an inexpensive device. It costs $169, but if you’re a person who uses almond, oat and other nut milks in your coffee or smoothie every morning, it’ll pay for itself with time and a little bit of effort. (Emphasis on the little!)

It really does make a solid nut milk in just a few minutes, with only a handful of nuts. It can’t make a lot at once, but if you’re a single person or live with a partner and just need enough for a cup of coffee or two in the morning, it’s a great way to guarantee it’s fresh and avoid preservatives.

  • Powerful Blades: The Nutr is loud, but it’s because the blades are pulverizing nuts into milk. The blades miss a few bits here and there, but this leaves behind a nutritious pulp you can either strain out or leave in for a bit of extra texture!
  • 3 Different Heat & Blend Settings: The Nutr has three settings for your milk: room temperature, warm and hot. There is also a “Boil” feature that can boil any liquid of your choice within minutes and a “Keep warm” setting in case you decide to go for a second cup.
  • Included Tools and Recipe Booklet: The Nutr comes with stainless steel measuring spoons, a filter, a cleaning brush and a recipe booklet. Recipe booklets that come with new kitchen appliances typically come with basic AF recipes you have no intention of ever following. However, the Nutr’s recipes are helpful, straightforward and visually represented so that you can start immediately.
  • Self-Cleaning and Auto-Off: You can easily clean the Nutr between uses with the self-cleaning cycle that uses just a little bit of dish soap and water to rinse the entire machine in 90 seconds.
  • Delayed Start & Soak: This is perhaps one of my favorite features of the entire device. You can set it to soak oats overnight and then blend them up in the morning, so you have fresh oat milk that’s been made using the proper procedure. A very nice addition that sends this appliance over the top.


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Courtesy of Nutr

Nutr Review: Is It Worth It?

My short answer? Yes, the Nutr is worth it. If you drink, mix and consume nut milk alternatives daily, it’s definitely worth the purchase, or at least add to your birthday wish list.

If you’re looking to switch to more plant-based alternative milks, I would taste a few more and make them a regular part of your daily routine before purchasing a whole device designed to help you make them.

While this machine has many pros, there are a few notable cons you should be aware of before you drop $160+ bucks on it.


  • Makes nut milk in five minutes or less
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Small, compact container takes up less space than most blenders and coffee makers
  • Lid locks in place to minimize the risk of spills
  • Various safety and convenient features
  • Easier to make preservative-free nut milks at home


  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Loud machine that sometimes shakes a bit when it first turns on
  • Strainer can get clogged with almond pieces, making that process lengthy and messy

Should You Get It?

Yes, it’s a well-designed machine with a clear purpose and focus, and it delivers.