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The Our Place “Always Pan” is The Non-Stick Cookware Everyone Needs In Their Life

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When my boyfriend and I first got sent this “Always Pan” from Our Place, we were a bit skeptical. It seemed a little too trendy for cookware, a market that’s full of gimmicky multi-purpose gadgets and cooking instruments. But the Always Pan reviews were in, and it was well-loved, so we gave it a try.

So long story short:

This pan lives up to all the expectations and is definitely worth the purchase. That goes double if you’ve got limited kitchen space and need a pan that does nearly everything.

always pan review

This Always Pan is marketed as a “cult favorite” pan that can replace eight different pieces of cookware. It fries, sauteés, steams and can act as a skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan and a rest for your spatula and spoon rest as well.

We use it daily to fry eggs, create delicious stir-fries in it, steam and sautée vegetables, fry things, and sear meats.

Plus, it’s gorgeous:

our place always pan

Our Place Always pan

The Always Pan is made of heavy-duty ceramic with no PFOAs or PTFEs. The modular lid releases and traps steam, the beechwood spatula is shaped for flipping as well as stirring, it comes with a perfectly fitting steamer basket and it has two easy-pour spouts on either side.

The ceramic material it’s made of has a nice weight to it, and the handle feels secure in your hand as you’re flipping things. The lid is convenient, and the spouts are great for draining out excess liquid, fat, etc. The spatula does match up perfectly with the notches on the side of the pan; however, I wouldn’t recommend leaving the wooden spatula on the pan while it’s on the stove, as our spoon burned.

our place always pan

The high-performance non-stick has lasted us through quarantine and is still performing well. Occasionally we’ll need to scrape off some food after it’s cooled off, but even then it’s way easier to clean than our other pans.

I’d highly recommend this pan for any cook and especially for newbies who have a small kitchen with minimal pan storage space. This piece of cookware really does do it all, and does it all well. Well worth the purchase, the Always Pan comes in a bunch of different, fun colors.