Stop What You’re Doing: Our Place Just Released a Line of Colorful Ovenware

Our Place Ovenware Set
Courtesy of Our Place

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Here at SPY, we prefer living in color — which is exactly why we’ve been so dang obsessed with Our Place these past few years. You know Our Place, don’t you? The cookware brand that creates the bound-to-sell-out Always Pan every time they launch a new color? We know you do.

Our Place prioritizes a kitchen packed with color. From reds to greens to purples to pinks, Our Place has created a number of kitchen staples (including the Always Pan and their just-as-cool Perfect Pot) that every at-home chef is sure to geek out over. But today, Our Place wants to transform your kitchen into the most colorful space in the home once again with the brand’s newest launch: the Ovenware Set.

Our Place Ovenware Set Courtesy of Our Place

Think about the ovenware set you currently own. Got it? Cool. What color is it? There’s a 99% chance you’re going to say black or grey. And, yes, while this is typical for most kitchens, you aren’t a typical person. Your ovenware set needs to match your expressive personality. This is exactly why Our Place created the best ovenware set the world has ever seen, featuring five gorgeous colors in total, including Blue Salt (a flawless dusty blue), Char (the gray that outgrays other grays), Sage (the earthiest green you’ve ever seen), Spice (think pink Bahamian sands) and Steam (a cream color that puts actual cream to shame).

Alongside five colors, this ovenware set comes with five pieces in total: an oven pan, the main bake for larger dishes, a side bake for smaller casseroles, a loaf pan for any kind of bread you want to make this week and a matte silicone oven mat that acts as a nonstick surface.

Our Place Ovenware Set Courtesy of Our Place

Because this is from Our Place, you can also expect this ovenware set to replace a majority of your kitchen “necessities” as well. This set can act as a sheet pan, cookie sheet, griddle, roasting pan, loaf pan, lasagna pan, baking dish, casserole dish, single-use parchment paper and more. And, yes, we know you saw the word “griddle” stuck in there. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, anyone? You can place the pan right on your stovetop to create the best breakfast you’ve had all year. Talk about a kitchen hack!

Something else we’re loving? For those of you in smaller spaces such as apartments and tiny homes, this is the ovenware set for you. Each of the bake dishes fit perfectly on top of the baking pan for effortless storage. Just keep in mind that you must line your pan with the provided silicone mat to prevent any scratches. Because with an ovenware set this pretty, you won’t want to scratch a thing.

Here’s the issue: although this ovenware set is fresh on the market, it’s sure to be swooped up soon. Just about every new release from Our Place sells out entirely the day of, so you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity.

All you have to do now? Pick a color, any color, and snag your Our Place Ovenware Set below.

Our Place Ovenware Set Courtesy of Our Place