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Our Place Just Released Its Biggest Collection to Date & We Want All Of It

It’s official: it’s Our Place‘s year and we’re just living in it.

After a long list of releases in early 2022 that include an Ovenware collection, a new drop of Mini Always Pans and Perfect Pots in addition to much, much more, Our Place continues to be one of our favorite home goods brands with their newly released Tableware Ecosystem — the most visually striking dinnerware collection we’ve laid our eyes on.

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Courtesy of Our Place

Today, Tuesday, September 27 marks the official release date of the Tableware Ecosystem. This all-new collection features a glorious of plates in four different size options, bowls in three different size options, carafes, glassware, mugs, gather bowls, gather plates and even a card game for some after-dinner fun. We really meant it when we said this is Our Place’s biggest drop ever.

This launch marks a first in terms of dinnerware, which shocks us in no way when it comes to Our Place. The brand is notorious for its all-in-one kitchen essentials (seriously, the Always Pan replaces just about every kitchen tool you need), so why would their dinnerware be any different?

Plates, bowls, carafes — you name it. Everything dropped in this release has the ability to prep, cook, serve and store to meet all of your expectations. Use a plate to cut and dice tomatoes before throwing them into a pot, serve on it minutes later then use it to cover up leftovers in a bowl when you’re finished for the easiest meal of the week. When storing away, functionality is prioritized through space-saving, too. Plates, bowls and cups are crafted a way for easy stackage, making these new additions to your kitchen take up essentially no space in your cabinets whatsoever.

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Courtesy of Our Place

But, functionality isn’t the only thing you should be excited about — this collection is absolutely flawless. Each bowl, plate and mug are hand-glazed from premium stoneware to add a visually pleasing look to any dinner table. Not only that, but each and every piece is 100% dishwasher, oven, microwave and fridge safe.

To make your life easier, Our Place is offering this collection in a number of sets to save you money and help you easily start serving. With everything starting at just $30, you can say that these are some sets worth investing in, too.

Because it’s Our Place and everything sells out quicker than you can press the buy button, we suggest you don’t want any longer. Pick up a set in the color of your choice below and serve the most glorious dinner you’ve ever made.