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This $15 Measuring Jar Makes Overnight Oats Even Easier

* Overnight Oats are the latest in healthy breakfast foods
* This jar is designed to offer an airtight seal for maximum flavor
* There’s even a place to secure your spoon

In the rush of your morning routine, it’s often easier to grab a bagel or skip breakfast all together, rather than take the time to prepare a nutritious dish to start off your day. Luckily, the latest health food trend to sweep the country allows you to make all the necessary preparations the night before. “Overnight Oats” are oats mixed with milk, yogurt or a combination of the two, that sit in the fridge overnight and absorb the moisture and flavor of the ingredients added. This container is specifically designed to make prepping this delicious breakfast even easier thanks to its has a stainless steel lid that is modeled canning style, so it seals airtight.

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The lid can also work as a half-cup measure to help with ingredient prep, so you can try out delicious recipes like apple and cinnamon and peanut butter, or create your own using whichever spices, fruits or various pantry items your heart desires. The durable glass container will keep your oats chilled on the ride to work, and there’s even a special silicone ring that has a slot to hold your spoon. Dishwasher safe, once you’re done with it for the day, you can just throw it in for a quick wash, and it’ll be ready to use again tomorrow.


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