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Mix The Perfect Drink Every Time With This Barware Kit

* Learn to mix 16 different drinks
* Each glass includes four recipes
* The perfect housewarming gift

Unless you’ve spent some time behind a bar in a working capacity and not just imbibing, you might not know the exact composition of your favorite drink or, really, any drink. And that’s perfectly fine. Which is why you might want to consider this set of bartender glasses with recipes emblazoned on them from Jack Spade. After all, there comes a time when you may need to know how to mix the most basic of drinks, like a Bloody Mary.

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In partnership with Kikkerland Design, a New York-based design firm, Jack Spade created a set of four, eight ounce glasses with a base spirit – whiskey, rum, gin, and vodka – and accompanying recipe on each side of the glass.

Someone ask for a Whiskey Fix? No problem. Salty Dog? Easy. In total there are 16 recipes from which to choose based on the situation or mood you’re in. Other recipes include the mojito, Boston Cooler and De Rigueur, a drink that combines grapefruit juice and honey with whiskey.

Even if you’ve never mixed a drink in your life or if you’re a seasoned vet, these delightful glasses from Jack Spade will make your next happy hour simple and easy. Just make sure you have the basics on hand.

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