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If You Hate When Your Food Touches, It’s Time To Get These Food Separators

* Your fries touching the ketchup on your plate is not acceptable!
* These food separators provide a barrier to keep different foods apart
* These kitchen gadgets are ideal for picky eaters and kids

You’ll either completely understand or have absolutely no clue what the problem is with the idea of food touching on a plate. If you don’t get it and know no one who does, this product just isn’t for you. However, if peas touching potatoes or ketchup touching fries is the kind of thing that can keep you up at night, read on and discover


These kitchen gadgets may be simple in design, but that doesn’t mean on-plate barriers don’t solve the unacceptable problem of having foods mold into one. The simple, C-shaped barriers can be placed on existing plates so you don’t have to buy specifically pre-divided plates to separate your meat from your potatoes and your veg.

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Each pack of the Food Cubby dividers contains two separators. Each separator houses a smartly integrated suction cup to ensure the weight of your food or the moving of your plate doesn’t lead to food mixing.

The separators are available in three color options, namely clear, green and orange, which is great if you have multiple kids who like to have their own things. The easy-to-clean design and portability makes them easy to take with you, meaning you’ve always got a way to get your picky eater’s plate just how he or she likes it.

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Plate dividing with the separators can also act as a handy way to ensure your portions are healthy and consistent. Plus, they can help the elderly or vision impaired at mealtimes.

The durable food separators are made from food safe silicone, free from BPA and have received 5-star reviews from over 75% of users on Amazon.

Whether it’s you, a child or a member of the family who refuses to eat food when it’s been “contaminated,” stop letting this outrageous outcome occur and start protecting your food with these specially designed food barriers.


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