Blend Your Drinks On-The-Go With This Latest Electronic Device

Portable Blender Review: Make Healthy Drinks
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* Blend your own mix anywhere, anytime
* Makes juices, smoothies, baby food and even grinds coffee
* Lightweight, cordless blender is convenient to carry around

With the advent of the Jamba Juices, Pressed Juicery’s and countless smoothie bars popping up all over the country, one doesn’t need to go more than a block without hitting a store to get your fix. You can now even have juices and smoothie-making ingredients shipped directly to your house. But for those who have absolutely no time for either, or prefer to do it all from scratch, we welcome the Qooca Portable Wireless Tumbler Blender. This is the world’s first tumbler-style blender that can be used to make your drink of choice anytime, anywhere and whlie you’re moving.

If this sounds far-fetched, it’s not. Qooca has taken the portability of your electronic devices and translated it to a blender that can be carried around like a water bottle and used like a domestic juicer on the spot, to make fresh fruit juices and smoothies anywhere sans cords. The blender is charged by connecting any common mobile phone charger to the back of the main body. You will be notified via green light once fully charged. Press the start button and whip up your favorite drink in seconds. As an added bonus you can even charge your mobile device by connecting any USB to the back of the blender.

The Qooca Blender is comfortable and convenient to carry around as it weighs just about 16.5 ounces with the tumbler attached. It has a micro, yet powerful motor which grinds everything from fruits to nuts, and allows you to grind ingredients on the spot. Just place all your cut up ingredients into the blender, hold the container in one hand and press the switch button to blend. Then, drink up, using the blender as a tumbler/bottle.

This multi-functional blender is not just for juices and smoothies either. Blend grains, ice, baby food, grind coffee beans and even make salad dressings, all in three simple steps. Grab one for your morning commute, for the office or for your next camping trip or hike.

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