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Make That Barbecue in the Park Happen With the “To Go” Grill

* Ultra-portable grill ideal for picnics or beach days
* Boasts compact steel design with silicone handles
* Removable grid and coal bucket for easy breakdown and cleaning

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to prepare yourself than with the To Go Grill from Eva Solo? The arrival of hot weather means plenty of outings to the park. And with your new travel barbecue, you’ll always be ready to host an afternoon cook-out.

The To Go Grill’s small size makes it ultra portable, so you can take it on a trip to the beach, a day at the park or even just out on the balcony. With two easy-carry side handles, a top handle and a velcro strap to keep it all together in transit, this grill is always ready for get togethers on short notice.

The pot-like To Go Grill is made from enameled steel and can break down into several elements to provide easy access for coal preparation. With a 27.5 cm diameter grid, the grill is well-suited to cooking smaller dishes such as kebabs, skewers or steaks. It also features a top lid which can act as a grill cover when the fire is lit.

After you have finished cooking, the dishwasher-safe, chromium-plated grid and coal bucket can both be removed and cleaned with ease.

Whether you’re stuck in the city with only a small balcony space or have been searching for a portable grill, the To Go Grill from Eva Solo has a beautifully simple design which provides easy transporting, easy use and easy cleaning — a grill truly built for barbecue lovers.

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