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Free up Counter and Cupboard Space With a Pots and Pans Hanging Rack

What’s one thing that every high-end chef’s kitchen, home renovation show and dream house in a romantic comedy have in common? They all feature a pot and pan hanger in the kitchen. Combining usefulness and an undeniable cool factor, pots and pan hangers free up space and make for a more convenient cooking experience. Plus, they look awesome.

Pots and pan hangers are perfect for both small and large kitchens. If you’re short on space, storage is at a premium, so hanging large pots and pans immediately opens up areas for other dishes. In large kitchens, pots and pan hangers provide a common area for cooking essentials that keeps them within arm’s reach of a busy chef. Pots and pan hangers also provide a convenient space to place pots and pans while they are drying and can also be used to hang accessories like spoons, spatulas and whisks.

The best pots and pan hangers do require some installation and can be either wall-mounted or installed directly into a kitchen’s ceiling. If you’re ready for a minor DIY project that will have a major positive impact on both your cooking abilities and your storage situation, then you need to check out our favorite pots and pan hangers.

1. Kinetic Pot with Silver Rack

Add charm and function to your kitchen using the Kinetic Pot with Silver Rack. Get ample storage space with the Kinetic rack, which can hold up to 40 pounds and 12 pots and pans as well as kitchen accessories like spatulas and serving spoons. The oval style of the metal rack is ideal for hanging over an island, giving users 360-degree access to their kitchen essentials. The rack measures 33” by 17” by 1.5” and comes with all the hardware necessary for installation.

Pros: The durable and attractive Kinetic rack is available in several color combinations, including yellow gold, copper and black (shown here).

Cons: This hanger is best suited for a kitchen with an island, homes without may find other options listed are better.

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2. Cooks Standard Single Bar Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack

Get 360-degree access to pots and pans using the Cooks Standard Single Bar Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack. The ceiling-mounted rack is a 36” single wooden bar that is suspended by two 24” chains. The brackets and hooks included are made from durable solid cast aluminum and the rack can support up to 30 pounds.

Pros: The Cooks’ rack has six swivel hooks for pots and pans. The hooks turn 360-degrees, making it easy for users to line up their items any way they like.

Cons: The rack does not come with assembly instructions and its weight limit makes it unusable for wrought iron pots and pans.

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3. Greenco Wall Mounted Pot And Pan Organizer Shelf With 10 Hooks

Hang lightweight pots, pans and kitchen accessories using the space-saving Greenco Pot And Pan Wall Mounted Rail. The 24.5” rail comes with 10 S-style hooks to easily hang a variety of kitchen items. Made from hand-welded powder-coated iron metal, the Greenco rail is ideal for mounting under cabinets or open wall space.

Pros: Greenco comes with all the hardware necessary and easy to follow instructions for installation.

Cons: The Greenco juts out 10″ from the wall, which may be inconvenient for some setups.

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4. Oropy Pot Bar Rack Wall Mounted Detachable Pans Hanging Rail

Store pots, pans and even lids with the Oropy Pot Bar Rack Wall Mounted Detachable Pans Hanging Rail. The Oropy is an industrial-style wall-mounted rack that provides a convenient space-saving storage option that is ideal for users who don’t have the clearance for ceiling-mounted racks or want to keep their pots and pans close at hand. All the hardware necessary for hanging the 39” rack is included and the Oropy is finished with a low-reflective, environmentally friendly matte paint that lowers the chance of rust. Fourteen S-hooks for hanging kitchen items are included and users can also store lids with handles behind the rack.

Pros: The Oropy has an impressive 80-pound weight limit.

Cons: Users must supply their own screwdriver and hand drill (only required if installing on non-wood surfaces).

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