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This Mixology Book Has Cocktail Recipes For Every Sign in The Zodiac

* Cocktail suggestions based off the personalities of each zodiac sign
* Book makes a great gift, or a fun party favor
* Find your new go-to drink for your next night out – or girls night in

Have you ever wondered if you were a drink, what kind of drink you would be? That question can now be answered by “The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktail Recipes for Every Sign”by Aliza Kelly Faragher. The astrologer and writer has read hundreds of astrology charts, and applies her years of experience to this cocktail guide and recipe book.

Whether you’re a classic Capricorn more suited to an old stand-by like an Old Fashioned, or a balanced Libra more suited for a French 75, these are drinks you won’t only enjoy, but that will reflect you too.

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Whether you’re new to astrology, mixology or both, this book is a solid starting point, and also makes a great centerpiece to a fun dinner party. There are 16 different recipes for each sign, so you’re certain to find something to suit your tastes. It breaks down some of the more intricate parts of astrology along the way, which may give you great insight next time you’re at a bar with your friends.

A great present for a birthday, shower or just because, the book is adorned in a super chic pink color that’s ready for gift giving. Buy the book and have it ready for your next girls night too – it’s sure to be a conversation starter to get the drinks flowing and the party going.

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