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Red Wine’s Just Fine in These Glasses

* Comfortable, easy to hold design
* No stems, less spilling
* Non-lead crystal

Whether you’re a newbie or connoisseur, there’s no better way to savor the flavor of fine red wine than with these Riedel Swirl Wine Glasses. You’ll find yourself using them every time you open a bottle.

This set of two glasses features the clarity and elegant beauty for which Riedel is known. They’re made from non-lead crystal and are machine-blown to perfection. Each glass features a classic rounded base with sensual lines that graduate upwards, and holds 20-and-a-half ounces of your favorite vino.

These glasses are light in the hand and feel barely there on the lips. The perfect divot design fits comfortably and securely in your hand. It won’t slip out easily. And, no stem means less chance of spilling these beauties. Plus, they’re durable enough to withstand frequent use. And, while most wine glasses require hand washing, you can safely wash these in the dishwasher.

These wonderful glasses will enhance your enjoyment of every wine drinking experience. You’ll love the high quality feel.

Stylish, practical, durable…if you’re looking for that perfect glass for entertaining guests or simply kicking back, you’ve found it. And, you’ve also found your next wonderful gift to give.

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