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The Glass that Gives New Meaning to A Shot on the Rocks

* Made from high-quality glass
* Fully usable and washable
* Made by glass blowers in Wisconsin

This unique rocks glass from BenShot makes quite the high impact statement. Made from high-quality glass, it features a .30 cal bullet molded into one side. The effect is really startling; reminiscent of those ultra-blurred photos of bullets captured in the very instant of passing through an apple, only in this case, the appearance of a fleeting instant is frozen into the form of the glass itself.

The glass is melted under high pressure in a glass furnace and the molding process happens very slowly. No lead casings or gunpowder are used, and the glass itself is totally safe for drinking from. The bullet used is a Barnes 30313 Tactical .30 round, big enough to make a striking impression. Made in Wisconsin by glass blowers with decades of expertise, this handmade rocks glass is a work of true craftsmanship, with a unique and cool twist.

With its startling, aesthetically beautiful yet totally badass design, this glass makes a perfect addition to any rustic or hunting lodge-themed minibar. It also makes for a fun, edgy housewarming gift. It’s perfect for the marksman looking for something to drink out of after having shot holes in every nearby beer can.

The ideal birthday gift for the Ron Swanson in your life, this glass adds some dimension to the idea of having a shot on the rocks. At home in wood-paneled libraries, trophy rooms and the like, it’s the perfect complement to a collection of fine bourbon or Scotch. Might we suggest pairing the BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass with some Bulleit rye? Cheers to that.

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