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These Rose Gold Drink Coasters Are Summer’s Must-Have Drink Accessory

* Cut from natural slate
* Hand-finished in glossy rose gold
* Felt bottom to prevent furniture scratches

Entertaining colleagues and guests with a post-work glass of wine or craft cocktail is always a good idea. Many deals and negotiations have been sealed with a handshake and a drink. While it’s common to have special glasses or tumblers to serve drinks in for these occasions, the one often neglected aspect missing from your glassware collection are coasters. 

These stylish, rose gold slate coasters from Renee Redesigns will help protect dining or coffee table, while also adding decorative flair. These coasters are cut from natural slate and finished with rose gold paint that’s topped off with a protective top coat to ensure your coasters will not peel, chip or become discolored. They also have a felt lining on the bottom to protect against furniture scratches.

The coasters are cut in a circular in design and work with both hot and cold drinks. This way, you can take them out for a hot cup of tea to start the morning or for a glass of rosé before dinner. Packaged in a nice box for presentation, they’ll also make a great gift for colleagues and associates who are sure to ask where you got yours from.

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