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These Salad Bottles Make Bringing a Healthy Lunch to Work Easy

* An easy way to enjoy a healthy lunch at work
* Comes with salad dressing holder so you’ll never have soggy salads again
* You can also pack breakfast or snacks

When we think of eating healthy, we think salads and fresh fruits. But with busy mornings and exhausted evenings, we often can’t find time to prep and pack a healthy lunch. Using plastic disposable containers to bring your salads to work is convenient, but it’s not great the environment and of course, using normal Tupperware can cause a mess. Well that’s all about to change thanks to Dependable’s Fresh Salad to Go Container Set.

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Forget pricey store-bought greens or gourmet salads from your office’s nearest local bistro, now you can make and pack your own salad in these easy grab-and-go bottles and bring your favorite dressing without the mess easily. This set also comes complete with a fork and salad dressing holder, so that you can enjoy home-made, soggy-free salads anytime, anywhere and bring them with you to work or wherever the day may take you.

Since it comes in a set, you can also pack a breakfast filled with fresh fruit, yogurt and/or granola too. Pick a set up for yourself and one for a friend or co-worker who can use a convenient way to eat fresh and fuss-free.

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