Here’s What a Salt Cellar Is, And Why You Need One

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where gathering happens, where you cook and create and where you enjoy the meals that delight you and fuel you for the rest of the day. We’re all on a continuous journey of refining our craft when it comes to the art of cooking, and finding the tools that help us create what we (and others) want in the kitchen.

One thing that’s for sure is cooking is all about sensory input. You can, and probably should, follow a recipe most of the time, but anything and everything you make should also fall under the umbrella of “season to taste.” We all need a little extra seasoning in our life to make things interesting, especially when it comes to food. One of the easiest ways to have high-quality, fresh spices close by when you’re cooking is to use a salt cellar.

Now you may be asking — “what is a salt cellar? I’ve never heard of such a kitchen device before!” It’s your new favorite kitchen hack, we promise.

What is a Salt Cellar?

Before you start coming up with wild pictures in your head of a wine cellar filled with salt, let us explain. A salt cellar is a storage container for salt that sits next to your stove and keeps your salt fresh and at the ready in case you need to add a dash or pinch here and there.

They’re usually made of ceramic or wood and may contain some sort of rubber or silicone lining around the rim to seal off air and keep the salt as fresh as possible. Some are labeled, some have odd shapes, some contain a section for pepper and some may even have a tiny spoon attached.

They’re a great addition to an organized and efficient kitchen where salt is used frequently. You can fill it with your standard sea salt, kosher salt, or larger flaky salt depending on your preference. Whichever one you choose, in the salt cellar you’ll be able to add flavor quickly as needed and get your dinner on the table that much faster. Here are our favorite salt cellars available for purchase online.

1. Totally Bamboo Salt Cellar


This bamboo salt cellar from Totally Bamboo is one of the best options available for keeping your salt fresh and handy right there on your kitchen counter. It has a smart design swivel lid that closes firmly with a magnetic lock and can be opened easily with just one hand. The bamboo material is incredibly durable and environmentally-friendly being a renewable resource that grows quickly without the use of pesticides. Cleaning for this salt cellar is also very easy, all it takes is a quick hand wash and dry. You can also use this container for more than salt — it can be a great storage box for jewelry, supplies on your desk or even dog treats.

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2. Totally Bamboo Engraved Salt Cellar


This salt cellar from the same brand as the one above, Totally Bamboo, won’t confuse anyone in terms of its contents. It has “SALT” permanently laser etched into the lid to add both a clarification of what’s inside and a decorative element to your kitchen. This salt cellar also has a swivel lid with a magnetic close that can be easily reopened with one hand. Quickly access your spices during cooking with this handy tool made out of environmentally-friendly bamboo. This durable material won’t wear down quickly even after years of use in the kitchen, and can be used to store more than just salt. Put dog treats, jewelry or even paperclips inside for a fun and easy-to-access storage solution all around your home.

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3. jalz jalz Large Wood Salt Cellar


This acacia wood salt cellar box has a marble lid to keep salt fresh inside. This lid is entirely made of marble and doesn’t include any plastic so your food stays carcinogen-free and separate from chemicals. Acacia wood is well known as a great material for storing food as it’s very dense and protective. All it takes is a quick hand wash to clean it out from time to time, and this design comes in a few different color and marble/wood combinations.

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4. Fox Run 3850 Black Marble Salt Cellar


This sleek black salt cellar takes the potential design element to the next level with a 100% natural marble construction and sealed lid. It’s 3 x 3 x 3 inches so it won’t take up too much counter space and includes decorative color variations in the natural marble material. The lid includes a sealing component that keeps the contents inside fresh and the vessel is very easy to clean with a simple hand wash. The lid for this one is also easy to grab with one hand before and after a sprinkle of salt whenever you need one in the kitchen.

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5. Emile Henry France Kitchen Salt Cellar


This salt cellar design from Emile Henry is made of all-natural high-fired Burgundy clay that’s durable, scratch-resistant and high resistance. It has extremely hard glaze on it that comes in a few different beautiful colors. The best part about this piece, though, is the design. Unlike your standard jar of salt this tube gives you the easiest access to the ingredient you’re looking for and can be used in your refrigerator, oven or on your countertop. The unglazed interior absorbs moisture to prevent clumping and all of the colors will add warmth and a decorative glow to your space. Plus, this salt cellar is very easy to clean — hand wash it quickly or throw it in the dishwasher and it’ll look like new.

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6. Chef’n Dash Salt & Sugar Cellar


This Chef’n Dash salt cellar has an easy-open design that can be used with just one finger if need be. It has a brushless stainless steel lid and a white base that gives this salt cellar an elevated design that’s also neutral enough to fit into your kitchen’s existing look. The lid keeps the salts, sugars and other ingredients fresh inside and slides into the base when opened so the whole salt cellar doesn’t take up space inefficiently. It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen for storing table salt, Himalayan sea salt or other herbs and seasonings to make them only a pinch away.

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7. Mud Pie Salt and Pepper Cellar


This stacked salt cellar set includes a container for pepper as well, easily stackable beneath or above the salt. This three piece set includes two different bowls with one lid, and measures 6″ tall x 3.5″ in diameter. If you’d like an easy option for adding a dash of both salt and pepper when needed, this container is a great alternative to the standard one-spice salt cellar designs. Hand washing is recommended when it comes to cleaning it out from time to time, and the ceramic will keep the inside moisture and clump-free. The titles of the spices are labeled so you’ll know exactly which one to reach for in a pinch, so to speak, and the lid removes easily for simple access.

Mud Pie salt and pepper cellar, salt cellar Courtesy of Amazon


8. RSVP International Dual Swivel Top Compartment Salt Cellar


This dual compartment salt cellar has space for two different types of salt, or spices in general, and is made of solid marble. This salt cellar will look beautiful on your countertop and add a ton of convenience to your kitchen through giving you quick access to two spices at once with a simple swivel of the top. The whole compartment is about 5″ in diameter and only about 2-1/4″ tall, so it won’t take up too much space, and only takes a quick wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

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9. 77L Salt Cellar with Spoon and Bamboo Lid


This salt cellar from 77L is a sugar bowl that can just as easily be used for salt and it has a spoon for scooping out small amounts of salt if needed. It’s a perfect self-serve tool that can be used for any number of ingredients. It has a smooth appearance and design on the outside, with white porcelain and a bamboo top. The spoon is food-grade acrylic, environmentally-friendly and doesn’t break easily, and the whole salt cellar is very easy to clean with a hand wash.

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