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Stay Classy With These Scotch Infused Toothpicks

Not just for cleaning teeth, the toothpick is a satisfying stick to chew on after a big meal. Although the last major U.S. toothpick factory closed in 2003, Daneson is a new toothpick manufacturer striving to bring back the classic tradition of a toothpick and a whiskey after dinner.

Daneson makes their toothpicks from naturally U.S.-sourced, veneer-quality, A-grade, bone-white-milled Northern White Birch wood. Daneson has teamed with Plant-It 2020, a non-profit that aims to reforest impacted world regions by 2020. For every tree Daneson cuts, they plant 100 more. All of their materials are sourced from American and Canadian suppliers.

Packed in a beautiful navy box, each tainted glass vial comes with 12 toothpicks and is corked to ensure freshness. The toothpicks have been infused with scotch from a 200-year-old distillery. Aside from scotch, the picks also contain an assortment of essential oils, ginger, and honey.

Perhaps a healthier alternative to chewing gum, these single-batch boozy “peaty” toothpicks are bound to spark some unique conversation. This is a lifestyle product that you don’t want to miss. It makes the perfect gift for anyone with an old-fashioned gentleman’s spirit. Don’t expect to taste the flavor immediately, according to Daneson, it “requires some time on the tongue to warm and reveal.”

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