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This Delightfully Rustic Kitchenware Will Steal the Limelight at Your Next Dinner Party

* Rustic serving platter ideal for dinner parties
* Crafted from acacia to produce a thick wedge design with bark edges
* Unique shape and grain that makes any dinner table stand out

Add a touch of class to your dinner time routine with this stunning serving platter. Crafted from durable wood in a way that maintains the original shape and grain, this beautiful piece is ideal for impressing your dinner guests as you serve your favorite mealtime dishes.

The natural wood serving platter is made from durable acacia wood with no disruption to the stunning patterning and original bark edges, aside from the preservative.

Tough enough to hold all of your hot dishes, you can enjoy fresh-out-of-the-oven pies, casseroles and pizzas. It’s even big enough to hold a mix of piping hot side dishes, appetizers and accompanying sauces.

Each serving platter varies in size (between 12 and 15 inches) due the nature of production. You’ll find that your platter has its natural design to give it a handmade feel. Because of the natural production process, the platter can be cleaned by wiping only and shouldn’t be immersed in water.

This stylish serving platter from will impress even the toughest of house guests. Its individual look and rugged design makes a unique serving platter for a campfire or patio party, for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, or even a formal meal at your cabin in the woods.

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