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Secrets of the Perfect Burger Revealed: The Shake Shack Cookbook

* Beloved burger chain Shake Shack’s first cookbook
* 70 recipes recreate your favorite Shake Shack treats
* Over 200 color photos, along with tips for the home cook

Restauranteur Danny Meyer may have started his career in fine dining, but his status as a culinary icon was sealed with the opening of a humble hamburger stand, Shake Shack. What started as a lone location in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood has ballooned into an international burger empire, spanning from Oman to South Korea.

Now, taking its reach even further is the

. For those that don’t live in one of the 18 U.S. states or 11 countries where there’s a Shack, or home cooks who just want to recreate the same mouth-watering goodness, the book is a welcome resource.

Packed with 70 recipes, each page gets you closer to making their crave-worthy flavors your own, while detailing the story of the chain’s history and rise to burger greatness through personal stories and over 200 photos.

Just in time for summer’s cookouts, this cookbook is filled with ideas for not only burgers, but hot dogs, frozen custards, milkshakes and entertaining – which might make you a culinary icon, too (at least amongst those in your household.)

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