Yes, The Shotz Ski Is a Thing and We Want To See Photos After You Use It

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Image courtesy of ShotSki

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* A new and very strange way to take shots together
* Featured on Watch What Happens Live
* High quality “boots,” with functional bindings

Featured on Andy Cohen’s Bravo talk show, Watch What Happens Live and a fixture at, probably, bars in ski towns, the “Shotz Ski” is exactly what it sounds like: basically a set of 1.5-3 oz. boot-shaped shot glasses placed a little ways apart on a “ski” and meant to be enjoyed all at once. It makes it easier to take a shot together. Easier in that it makes it more complicated, that is. But also funnier. Works best with people who are vastly different in height, for maximum humor.

Shotz Ski Red Courtesy Amazon

This version is a set of four high-quality food-grade “boots,” with a fully resealable binding system, along with all the necessary hardware and instructions to actually attach these shot glasses to real skis. Billed as the world’s coolest boot-and-binding drinking system, the Shotz Ski has already taken the world of Bravo talk shows by storm. Think of it as the adventurous cross country skiing of drinking: much like a ski vacation, it can bring people closer together and/or leave them drenched and uncomfortable.

The Shotz Ski is great for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and more. You can use just two, if you want to start on the bunny slope, or go straight for the “Matterhorn,” and make it a foursome. Made in the USA from food-safe (and drink-safe) materials, choose from a dozen different colors to add some fun to your next party.

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