Reinvent Your Breakfast Routine With This Pan That Whips Up Seven Perfect Pancakes at Once

silver dollar pancake pan
Courtesy of Amazon

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When was the last time you sat down and actually made yourself pancakes? Sure, you probably love the fluffy, delightful taste of this breakfast staple—who doesn’t––but ordering a stack at a diner and cooking it yourself are two drastically different scenarios. If you’re not burning them, they’re likely coming out horrifically misshapen. And while aesthetics aren’t everything, a monster-ish looking pancake doesn’t make for the most Instagram-worthy of breakfast foods. What’s more, even if you get one that looks like it should, you’re not going to stop there. Last we checked, one pancake doesn’t fill you up. 

That’s why this Gourmia Blini Pan is a miraculous must-have for every man’s kitchen. Fitted with seven built-in molds, all you need to do is pour in batter directly into each mold to get a perfectly shaped, silver dollar pancake. The nonstick coating on the bottom makes flipping a breeze as well, while the individual sectioning keeps batter in place.

Gourmia Pancake Pan Courtesy of Amazon

From a technical perspective, little details like the two-inch-thick griddle help evenly distribute the heat so all of your pancakes cook at the same time. Additionally, the induction bottom has specialized iron elements that work across different stovetop surfaces, including induction, ceramic, electric and gas. The thickness of the griddle also allows you to use all kinds of different kitchen utensils without damaging them, so your wood and nylon-based products are safe to use without concern.

While the Blini Pan will whip those pancakes into shape, it doesn’t stop there: you can also use the pan to make perfectly shaped crepes, blintzes, blinis, and even fried eggs. Once you expand your horizons, the pan becomes more of an all-around breakfast workhorse, adding extra versatility and functionality without the extra cost. It’s an efficient and effective tool that makes breakfast even easier to pull off. You’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it. So fire up that stovetop and get your Instagram ready—you’ve just met your new favorite breakfast pan.

silver dollar pancake pan Courtesy of Amazon