Breakfast for One? Check Out These Adorable Single-Egg Pans for the Most Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

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Let’s make cooking eggs easy — over-easy, that is. To most, single-egg pans might seem kind of ridiculous. Like, let’s keep it real, you can easily cook a single egg on your average-sized go-to stovetop pan, so why in the hell would you need a single-egg pan?

I honestly thought the same thing, for like, ever. My first roommate out of college swore by her single-egg pan and used it almost daily. At the time, I just thought it was taking up space in the kitchen, even though it was extremely tiny. It also just felt so weird to see a pan so small being used on top of the stove. Everything about it felt like a gimmick she fell for so much to the point that I thought it was a bit comedic.

Then, my roommate moved out. And, what did she leave behind? The single-egg pan.

I became way too curious over quarantine. I had begun eating breakfast regularly (aside from the occasional breakfast bar) for the first time since high school, and one day, it was egg day. The regular-sized pan was dirty in the sink and all that was available was my old roommate’s single-egg pan. At that moment, I thought, “screw it.” Yeah, the pan was ridiculous, but I was hungry and had no other option. I oiled it up, cracked open my egg and got cooking.

The end result? A complete game-changer. My life had been altered. The egg was perfectly cooked, shaped to just the size I wanted and overwhelmingly delicious. I was sold, and most importantly, shocked.

I ended up loving the egg pan so much, I gifted my father one for Christmas last year. And my brother. And my best friend. The consensus? Everybody loves it.

All in all, you need a single-egg pan for yourself, especially if you’re a breakfast buff. You’ll change the way you make breakfast staples like the classic BEC or the new-classic, avocado toast. Trust me, though you might think it’s the dumbest purchase you’ll ever make, it won’t be. You’ll use it daily. Take it from an ex-hater like myself.

Lastly, Chloe, my ex-roommate, if you’re reading this, yes, I do have your single-egg pan. No, you can’t have it back. Read on and find a new one below instead.


1. Granite Stone Diamond Cookware Egg Pan


This right here is the single-egg pan I bought everybody for Christmas. As of right now, she is solely the single-egg pan of my dreams, but she’s had raving reviews from all my giftees. My dad specifically cannot stop using it. While I only eat my eggs over-easy, my pops has scrambled and created omelettes using this pan. It’s ultra non-stick with a 3x coating, so you won’t even need to cook with butter or oil. This also makes cleaning a piece of cake.

Granite Stone Diamond Cookware Egg Pan, best single-egg pan Courtesy of Amazon


2. T-fal B1500 Specialty Nonstick One Egg Wonder Fry Pan


While I’m still geeking over the one I gifted everybody for Christmas, this is the exact single-egg pan I currently own. Honestly? I love it. While it is technically nonstick, I still use a little bit of oil to cook my egg because it isn’t as nonstick as I’d like it to be. It’s perfect for single-sized servings of eggs and for anyone that is an over-easy egg connoisseur like myself.

T-fal B1500 Specialty Nonstick One Egg Wonder Fry Pan Courtesy of Amazon


3. GreenPan Mini Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Egg Pan


This nonstick single-egg pan has silicone handles to ensure that no matter how hot it gets, you’ll never burn your hands when cooking. The pan is manufactured without PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium and promises that the coating will never peel off even if it goes above and beyond its heat capacity. To make this pan extra convenient, it’s totally dishwasher safe and can even be used in the oven at up to 392°F.

GreenPan Mini Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Egg Pan, best single-egg pan Courtesy of Amazon


4. Joie Mini Nonstick Egg and Fry Pan


Like, come on. A penguin single-egg pan? Adorable. Astounding. We’re sold. Add this little cutie into your pan collection solely because he deserves it. He’s topped with a nonstick coating and his handle is entirely heat resistant, so you won’t get any burns or booboos when serving up breakfast.

Joie Mini Nonstick Egg and Fry Pan Courtesy of Amazon


5. GXOACKJ Egg Frying Pan


This four-egg pan proves that not all single-egg pans have to be single. Taking the exact same approach any other single-egg pan would by separating and molding eggs into a contained circle, this egg pan evolves the approach to allow four whole eggs to cook at once. If you find yourself making breakfast more frequently for others as well as yourself, this is the single-egg pan you need.

GXOACKJ Egg Frying Pan Courtesy of Amazon


6. Individual Single Egg Poacher


Sometimes, life calls for eggs benedict. You already know it’s your Sunday brunch go-to. Next time you’re craving, try making it at home with this individual single-egg poacher ready to take single-egg cooking to the next level. When eggs aren’t the only thing on your mind, this pan is ideal for heating up small batches of sauce, hot fudge, cheese and more.

Individual Single Egg Poacher Courtesy of Amazon


7. Norpro Silicone Round Egg Rings


Okay, you caught me. I know damn well that this isn’t a pan, but for those of you way too skeptical to purchase a whole single-egg pan, I’m leaving this here just in case. These silicone rings work the same way a single-egg pan would because they shape your egg to just the size you want. You can put these on any pan you currently own and even cook a few at a time. While a single-egg pan in my eyes totally takes the cake, this is still a great option to consider.

Norpro Silicone Round Egg Rings Courtesy of Amazon