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This App-Controlled Coffee Maker Can Make Pour-Over Coffee Better Than Your Favorite Barista

* Temperature-controlled coffee maker with customizable settings
* Easy-to-use phone app for your brewing convenience
* Create own brewing profile by adjusting pre-soak time and temp

The Behmor Connected Coffee Maker is a smart device that will create pour-over coffee just like your favorite coffee shop, all through your phone. The unique design allows you to bring out the best flavors in every coffee bean using settings that you won’t find on any other coffee brewer on the market, while the easy-to-use mobile app means you can enjoy a barista level cup of coffee just the way you like it.

Perhaps the most enjoyable feature of the Behmor coffee maker is its free app. This connection lets you control brewing temperature, brew profiles and soaking times. It also starts and stops the brewing process based on your schedule. In case you’re the type who is always making coffee and forgetting about it, the Behmor app will automatically text you when your cup of Joe is ready.

However, if you prefer to make coffee without an app, you’ll be able to turn this coffee maker off and on with the button on the front and control it manually like a traditional machine.

To highlight some of the unique selling points of the Behmor coffee maker, we must first discuss temperature control. The connected device allows you to program your brewing temperature (190 to 210F). This helps extract your coffee beans’ flavors without creating a bitter brew.

You’ll also be able to pre-soak your coffee grounds for up to four minutes. This is a great way to allow your coffee to bloom, producing a similar effect to pour-over coffee.

Once your beans are ready to brew, the Behmor Connected Coffee Maker uses a pulsed water flow and oversized “shower” head. This process fully saturates the coffee grounds, creating a superior cup of coffee.

In addition to these features, this smart coffee maker also comes with a thermal carafe, a stainless steel water heater and a flat-bottom filter basket. The total brewing volume available is eight cups, but you can control the number of cups brewed through the app.