This Innovative Coffee Maker is Actually Compatible With Alexa

Smart wireless coffee maker
Behmor smart coffee maker
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* A smart, wireless-enabled coffee maker
* Control your coffee with your phone or voice
* Programmable brew settings

If you’ve ever, in an early morning daze, asked Alexa to make you a cup of coffee, and then wished the future would hurry up and make this a thing, well: now it is. This “smart” coffee maker comes with an Alexa-compatible iOS/Android app and can get a pot of coffee going just because you asked nicely. You still have to put in water and coffee beans, but the app can even be set up to automatically re-order beans when you run out, should you choose to set up that feature.

Smart wireless coffee maker Courtesy Amazon

The Behmor smart coffee maker also allows you to set multiple brewing modes, and it offers very precise water temperature control, since different roasts have different optimum brewing temperatures. This feature, along with its refined, state-of-the-art pulsed water flow design, helped make it the first automatic coffee brewer to win certification from the Specialty Coffee Association.

Noted for its presoak mode, as well as a wide “shower head,” ensuring all the grounds get equal brewing time, the Behmor smart coffee maker delivers specialty coffee shop-tasting coffee right in your own home. And it lets you ask Alexa to make you a cup of coffee so it’s ready when you are. (Note: the Start button on the front of the brewer also allows you to quick start brewing without the app).

Looking for some coffee nerd inspiration? The included app features a library of different coffee brewing modes and the beans best suited to them. Save your preferences to the app and the coffee maker will remember just how you like your brew, the next time you ask.

This set comes with the smart coffee brewer, a permanent filter (less waste than paper filters!) and a double-walled stainless carafe that helps maintain optimal coffee temperature and keeps coffee hot for hours.

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