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Quit Staring At The Grill and Get This Smart Cooking Thermometer, Which Sends An Alert To Your Phone When Your Meat Is Done

* Built-in Bluetooth sensor monitors your meats
* Automatically adjusts the temp and cooking time for you
* Ensure perfectly cook meals every time

When it comes to summertime smells, there are few things that come close to backyard barbeque. For some people, grilling is life. But while knowing when your steaks, burgers and dogs are done is often an exact science, this handy gadget takes the uncertainty out of cooking and makes it easy to cook your meats perfectly every time.

This stainless steel thermometer’s not your everyday cooking utensil: with built-in Bluetooth technology, it’s able to pinpoint exactly when your food is done. Compatible with everything from steak and fish and just about anything you feel inclined to plop on the ol’ grill, you simply download the free app to your phone or laptop, sync it to the thermometer and watch as its internal sensor does all the heavy lifting.

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All you have to do is select the type of meat you’re using, how well you want it cooked and then insert the probe for instant alerts. Your friends and fam will be blown away by how amazing your grilling skills are, and you can rest easy without having to spot-check your meats every few minutes.

By tracking both the internal and external temperatures of your food, it will automatically adjust the cooking speed of your dish so you’ll always know exactly when it’s ready. With a signal that’s able to work up to 30 feet, it will also alert you when your meat is overcooking and/or notify you when it’s ready. Able to be used on the grill and in the oven, it’s a nifty tool for any—and every—grill master.