A Bluetooth-Enabled Slow Cooker For Today’s Fast Times

Instant Pot smart pressure cooker

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* Bluetooth-enabled pressure cooker
* 14 smart cooking programs make any meal a breeze
* Named 2017’s “Hottest Gadget”

It seems like everyone is raving about the Instant Pot these days and it’s easy to see why. The smart pressure cooker, which USA Today calls “2017’s Hottest Gadget,” helps take some of the pressure off of pot roasts and slow cooking thanks to its high-tech seamless app integration and Bluetooth-enabled functionality. A time-tested way of preparing meals, the classic crock pot is a staple of any fully equipped kitchen, and now this cooking technology, long a favorite of grandmas and gourmets, can join the 21st-century and take its place in the networked smart home.

The smart pressure cooker from Instant Pot features 14 built-in cooking programs, a sensor-based automatic keep-warm feature and multiple heat settings. It also comes with a free app for iOS/Android that allows you to remotely monitor cooking progress, sync and share recipes and more.

By letting you check in on your meals’ progress remotely, the included app restores the vaunted convenience of the pressure cooker. Now truly once again a “set-and-forget” system, the Insta Pot allows you to prep your ingredients, start the cooking and then go about your day.


The smart pressure cooker functions as a slow cooker, rice maker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker and food warmer, among other options. Whether you’re making a slow-roasted chicken dinner, a rice dish or steamed bao, the Insta Pot helps to streamline the process.

Thanks to smart temperature monitoring and automation that reduces waste heat, the Insta Pot is up to 70% more efficient than traditional crockpots. It can also speed up cooking times for many classic crockpot recipes. For example, an Irish-style stew or Colorado Chili dish can be ready in about an hour with the smart pressure cooker. The included app also comes with an expandable library of recipes.

Easy to program, use and clean, this quick-thinking slow cooker helps take the heat off of ambitious cooking projects. Get one today to see why Insta Pot lives up to its hype.

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