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You’ve Probably Never Seen a Flask Quite Like This

* Ornate hand-stitched needlepoint design
* Camo and nautical themed
* Six ounce capacity

Should you find yourself in a situation where a flask is required, opt for something a little classier and luxe, like this hand-stitched number from Brooks Brothers and Smathers & Branson.

The Camouflage Needlepoint Flask from Brooks Brothers’ Red Fleece Collection features a hand-stitched cotton design that’s nautically-themed and trimmed with a full-grain brown leather that’s permanently fixed to the flask. While you might not notice it at first, the needlepoint also cleverly disguises a subtle camouflage print. The stainless steel hip flask is made by Maryland-based company, Smathers & Branson, and can hold up to six fluid ounces.

The origins of the flask as we know it today date back to the 18th century — a time when only the gentry used hip flasks that were made from glass, pewter or silver. Earlier than that, the storage of liquor also included the use of fruit and pig’s bladders. Luckily we’ve progressed since then.

hough stainless steel is the preferred material for flasks today, you can also find ones made from plastic. But who wants a plastic flask? Certainly not you.

Whether you’re looking for a gift or a flask for yourself, consider this luxe but subtle take from Brooks Brothers and Smathers & Branson.

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