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Did Smeg Just Release the Cutest and Most Expensive Mini Fridge Ever Made? (Yes, Yes It Did)

Hey, Peanuts fans — a vintage-looking kitchen appliance brand just released a new one to commemorate your love for your favorite black and white pup and little yellow bird.

That’s right, Smeg has collaborated with the Peanuts for a special edition mini fridge just in time for the holiday season, and it’s safe to say this might be one of the most unique best Christmas gifts you can purchase.

This adorable mini fridge is covered in an all-white color, similar to whatever you’ve likely got in your kitchen. But, the fridge takes the look a bit further by adding drawn designs including two Peanuts favs, Snoopy and Woodstock.

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This almost childlike scribble of a drawing is exceptionally minimal in its design. It features Snoopy on the far bottom left sitting on the ground and looking up to the top right of the fridge. Here, Woodstock is drawn in a yellow hue riding a brown and red hot air balloon into the void. It’s truly one of the most unique refrigerators we’ve seen, and we’re kind of obsessed.

Because this mini fridge is from Smeg, you’ll take note of two things. One, it’s a retro kitchen appliance, so it essentially looks like it was taken straight out of a bachelor pad from the 50s. Two, it’s incredibly expensive for a mini fridge. We’re talking $2,000 expensive. But it’s a limited edition masterpiece; what else were you expecting?

It’s easy to call this one of the best Smeg appliances you can purchase in 2022. Although it will arrive slightly after Christmas in early January, we know this is a must-have for any and all Peanuts lovers. Snag yours now from Williams Sonoma below.

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma