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Put The Fizz in Fizzy With One of These Top-Rated Soda Makers

If you’ve ever dined at a fancy restaurant or spent time in Europe, you’ll already know that many people view carbonated water as one of the finer things in life. But infusing normal water with carbonated bubbles does more than just give it a more interesting and appealing appearance. It also delivers a drinking sensation far beyond that of tap water.

SodaStream machines, and other soda makers, put the power into your hands and allow you to turn pretty much any still drink into a carbonated delight. It’s a quick and easy process, and by adding flavors and fruits to your newly fizzy water, you can enjoy the potential benefits of this refreshing and tasty delight.

Putting aside taste for a moment, producing your own carbonated water at home also has massive impacts on the environment, too. Instead of heading to the store and purchasing plastic bottle after bottle to use and throw in the trash, you can join SodaStream’s fight against plastic. The bottles required for carbonation-infusing machines are reusable, allowing you to enjoy your beverage of choice again and again without any guilt on your environmental conscience. 

In addition to saving the thousands of potentially wasted plastic bottles, carbonating water and other drinks you can make with a SodaStream and similar soda makers are also a great way to wean kids off sugar-filled drinks like Coke and Fanta. By offering a healthier beverage that looks the same and includes no sugar or a fraction of the sugar, your family will be able to enjoy “soda” without the worry of the potential health problems that come along with the full-sugar options.

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SodaStreams can be expensive, and there are thankfully other soda maker brands out there designed to help you accomplish the same fizzy task. We’ve gathered a list of the best SodaStream alternatives and other soda makers so you can make the most informed decision possible about which carbonated beverage maker you add to your home.

Check out the top soda makers available on Amazon and start getting “busy with the fizzy” whenever you feel the urge. 

1. SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker


This is a piece about SodaStream alternatives, but we couldn’t help but include the gold standard soda maker from the brand itself. This soda maker makes super fresh sparkling water in just a few steps, and is energy efficient as it runs on a CO2 cylinder rather than a battery or plug. Each cylinder you insert can carbonate up to 60 liters of water, and this SodaStream machine is compatible with all SodaStream flavors and bottle sizes. The process is easy, the fizzing only takes a few seconds and it’s got minimal upkeep.

Pros: Easy to use, works quickly, runs on CO2 cylinders only.

Cons: Less affordable price tag.

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2. Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Soda Maker


With a choice of matte black, ivory white or red, there’s a Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Soda Maker to suit every kitchen. This soda maker boasts the ability to turn any beverage in your fridge into a carbonated one with its patented detachable fizz infuser. You’ll also find that the two release buttons on the machine provide increased control over the CO2 infusion, while this particular device’s small footprint means it takes up less counter space. Each of the quick-connect bottles is free from BPA and features a handy volume line for easy filling. The Drinkmate is a great choice if you love playing with new drink ideas. Plus, this soda maker also boasts an impressive number of top marks among 90% of users.

Pros: Slim design takes up less counter space, comes in a variety of bright colors, works with any beverage in your fridge.

Cons: Doesn’t come with a CO2 canister included, they need to be purchased separately.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


3. AARKE CARBONATOR II Premium Carbonator


The AARKE CARBONATOR II Premium Carbonator doesn’t just sound like a futuristic machine, it looks like one, too. This carbonator is available in either a stainless steel or brass finish, and the tubular, beer tap-like design makes it a flawless addition to any kitchen or bar counter. To work it, like all other options on the list, you simply fill a bottle and place it into the holder. Unlike the others however, the Carbonator II has a longer side mounted handle, which means it takes minimal energy to gas your beverage. And, depending on your preference, you can choose to lift and pull the handle more times for a gassier beverage. The accompanying bottle is non-toxic and made from high-quality PET plastic.

Pros: Great design, will look aesthetically pleasing on countertops, easy to use, can adjust the level of carbonation in each beverage.

Cons: The bottles that come with it are more fragile than with other brands.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


4. SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Soda Maker


Technically this isn’t a SodaStream alternative either, but it’s a variation off of the main machine and it’s one of the most powerful carbonators out there. If you like your beverages fizzier than most, this machine is a great choice. It’s got just one button you use to carbonate your water, so it’s very simple to use. It’s also got three different levels of fizz so you can get all the ear-tickling bubbles you wish. It works fast and is compatible with all SodaStream flavors.

Pros: Makes water very fizzy, very quickly. One button function makes it easy to use.

Cons: This soda maker requires electricity to run, so you’ll need to set it up near a plug.

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5. FIZZpod Soda Maker


This soda maker creates sparkling water easily in PET bottles that look great, and are easy to bring with you everywhere you go. It features patented technology including a step for gas relief as well as split injection so you can use it for any beverage you like. You can add fruit and other flavorings easily and the soda maker itself is very lightweight and easy to transport. It’s got an easy cylinder screw that makes attaching and removing the bottle easy, and it has relief valves built into the CO2 dispenser up top to prevent clogs.

Pros: Nice glass bottles for taking sparkling water with you, easy to use, built-in mechanisms that prevent clogs.

Cons: Bottles may be an awkward size for standard cabinet sizes.

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6. Wild and Kind Sparkling Water Maker


This product is brand new in the soda makers scene, but so far the reviews look pretty good. It has a carbonation-control feature that allows you to change the number of bubbles dispelled into your beverage. It comes with three BPA-free bottles for infusing with bubbles, and it’s got a sleek design that combines metal and wooden aesthetics. It’s powered by CO2 cylinders and requires no batteries or electricity to run. Not having to plug it in not only saves you money on your energy bill, it makes it easy to transport around your home.

Pros: Great look, brand new product that few other people will have, easy to transport, runs on CO2.

Cons: Since this product is brand new, it might have bugs we’re not aware of yet.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Spärkel Beverage System


This soda maker is actually not available on Amazon, but it’s a worthwhile pick for the ease of use and ability to infuse all sorts of flavors in your carbonated water. It’s designed to help you infuse flavor and bubbles simultaneously, so you wind up with your ideal beverage each time. It runs on CO2 cartridges known as “Carbonators” that can be automatically shipped to you so there’s no need to run to the store. It comes with three bottles for storing your flavored waters that are easy to clean and BPA-free.

Pros: Easy to infuse flavors, CO2 cartridges can be shipped right to you, comes in seven different colors.

Cons: Not available for Prime shipping on Amazon.

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Courtesy of Spärkel


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