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Solo Stove Is Releasing a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven for Pi Day That Can Cook Pizza In Just 2 Minutes

Starting on Monday, March 14, aka Pi Day, Solo Stove’s first-ever pizza oven is officially available for pre-order. Solo Stove is the company behind the popular smokeless fire pits you may have seen on Instagram or TikTok, and the pizza oven marks a couple of firsts for the brand.

The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is scheduled to ship around April 29, and it introduces an innovatively rapid option for cooking wood-fired pizzas — the pizza oven can make a 12-inch pie in just two minutes. In addition, Solo Stove President Clint Mickle told SPY that the Pi Pizza Oven is the first-ever Solo Stove product that’s also compatible with propane tanks.

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Courtesy of Solo Stove

 “Pi is dual fuel, which allows customers to choose wood or gas as their fuel source,” Mickle said in an email interview with SPY. “This is the first Solo Stove product that uses propane.”

Mickle added, “We designed Pi to be the pizza oven for everyone, which for us means designing a product that appeals to the wood-fired enthusiasts, and those who are looking for the ultimate convenience with the gas burner attachment.”

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Courtesy of Solo Stove

About the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

Equipped with both wood-fired and propane-fueled cooking capabilities, the standalone Pi pizza oven is optimized for even heat distribution and, like their camp stove and fire pits, creates a smokeless cooking experience. The system uses a “demi-dome” and fully ceramic interior to redirect rising heat into a pizza stone and evenly throughout the oven for quick and uniform preparation.

Those interested can order the Pi standalone pizza oven for $424.99 at Solo Stove during its pre-sale week, which conveniently kicks off on Pi Day, or March 14. After that, it will go up to its regular price of $624.99. A Solo Stove representative told SPY that this is the lowest-ever price customers will find, and even during big shopping events like Black Friday, it won’t fall below the $424.99 pre-order pricing. 

In additioin, several starter bundles are available for customers who want everything they need for outdoor personal pizza creation.

The following bundle deals are also available starting March 14: 

  • The Pi Starter Bundle: includes a pizza oven, cutter, stainless peel, and IR thermometer — $509.99 (during presale week)
  • The Essentials Bundle: includes a pizza oven, cutter, stainless peel, turner peel, thermometer, oven cover, and gas burner — $749.99 (during presale week) 
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Courtesy of Solo Stove

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