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Spin Your Way to Colder Beer in Less Than Two Minutes

* No need to stick drinks in freezer for quick cooling
* Spinning motion cools drinks 20x faster than normal
* Portable stick is handy device for parties and events

It’s easy enough to replenish your drinks when the beverage tub is depleted — the hard part is getting those cans and bottles cold enough to drink. No one likes to spend hours chilling drinks in the fridge — or worse, risk having your cans explode when you’re trying to cool them quickly in the freezer. Our new option for quick chill: the Spin Chill.

The Spin Chill is a new device that spins cans and bottles in ice to increase heat transfer and get your drinks colder, quicker. The company says its inventive new process will cool your drinks 20 times faster than usual.

Here’s how it works: spinning your cans and bottles results in a process of convection, which allows the warm liquid in the center of the container to make its way to the outer edges of the can, where it’s then put in contact with the ice and cooled instantly. Because the Spin Chill rotates in one smooth direction (rather than say, shaking up the can), there are no sudden “explosions” when you pop the lid. In fact, the company says its spinning motion is actually more gentle, and results in less foam.

The Spin Chill uses four AA batteries for hands-free operation and, at just 7 inches, is small enough to be carried in your pocket or bag, making it great for tail-gating, camping trips, beach days and parties.

To use: simply attach the tip of the device to the top of your can or bottle. Then, press “start.” Spin Chill promises to cool beer and soda cans in one minute, 12 oz. beer bottles in three minutes and entire wine bottles in five minutes. Saving yourself time while keeping the party going? Sounds like a pretty cool idea to us.

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