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Let’s Get Cookin’ Good Lookin’ With the Best Spoon Rests for No Messes in the Kitchen

So, your spoon’s sleepy? Poor thing. Maybe it didn’t get enough sleep last night. It’s time you let your favorite cooking utensils get their much-needed beauty sleep with the best spoon rests for your kitchen counter. They’ll be thanking you.

All dad jokes aside, spoon rests are a must-have for any pampered chef’s kitchen. At this point, a decent spoon rest should be a necessity next to the stove. If you don’t already have one, you’re lacking a lot, my friend. There’s a solid chance you’re consistently wiping down your countertops from unwanted messes made during cooking. Well, it’s time to stop placing that sauce-covered spoon down on your bare countertop once and for all. Your spoon rest-less life has come to an end.

Whether you’re mixing stews, creating curries or practicing papa’s pasta recipes, here are the best spoon rests you should already have but don’t. You’re welcome.


1. Zulay Acacia Wood Spoon Rest


Keep your countertops as clean as the day you moved in with this handsome, wooden spoon rest made to accent just about any kitchen interior. While cooking, simply place any utensil in use right on top to keep a fuss-less, non-messy cooking experience. It’s not huge, which is perfect for those working in tinier kitchen spaces, so it won’t be a burden to keep on your counter. Simply rinse it off when it’s time to clean and you’re good to go meal after meal.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Crate&Barrel Lilou Matte White Spoon Rest


To add more of a breezy, carefree look in your kitchen space, look no further than this matte white spoon rest giving us real oceanic vibes. Handcrafted by Disney’s Ariel herself at the bottom of the sea, this baby is an effortlessly cool-looking must-have on your counter. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. It’s just the way it is.

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Courtesy Crate&Barrel

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3. LIANYU Stainless Steel Spoon Rest


The best part about a stainless steel spoon rest is that it will never, ever rust, even with years of constant use. It’s a great alternative to any ceramic spoon rest you might be used to because God forbid it falls on the floor, it will never break. It’s as heavy-duty as it gets and holds anything from teaspoons to ladles.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Anthropologie Dagny Spoon Rest


Don’t sacrifice a bit of artistry if that’s what your countertop calls for; this floral spoon rest is everything you need to spice up your kitchen as you’re spicing up Mom’s famous gravy recipe. It really has that cottagecore aesthetic we’re semi-obsessed with right now, too, so if you want to stay in style, this is how to do it.

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Courtesy of Anthropologie


5. Epicurean Hexagonal Tool Rest


It seems that modern accent pieces for the home come in the stylings of jagged edges and trivial, otherwise mundane shapes in order to add a bit of flair to the home. If that’s your style, boy, do we have the spoon rest for you. This hexagonal spoon rest is perfect for all you modern home interior lovers out there. It’s relatively small, durable and totally dishwasher safe. Plus, it comes in black, so it’s going to be a complete countertop standout.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Hearth & Hand Stoneware Spoon Rest


If we didn’t make it clear enough, get something that’s so in-your-face, nobody can mess up what this baby’s used for. Straight from Target, you can snag Hearth & Hand’s spoon rest that quite literally says “spoon,” so, like, you always remember that’s where you put your spoon when cooking. You know. Just in case you forget.

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Courtesy of Target


7. Urban Outfitters Female Form Spoon Rest


Pay tribute to the female figure with this striking spoon rest that will look good both on your counter and as a piece of wall decor. The female form depicted is super curvy and made with minimal detailing to draw the eye in some more.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


8. iNeibo Kitchen Silicone Spoon Rest


For those times when you’re cooking a meal for a large crowd, you’re going to need more than one place to lay down your various cooking utensils. If you find yourself in this situation quite frequently, you need this four-pack of silicone spoon rests. The pack comes in four different colors so you can differentiate where you’re placing things. Each rest is also totally food-grade safe and heat resistant.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Tuscany Grape Kitchen Spoon Rest


If you’ve ever been to an Italian-American family’s kitchen in northern New Jersey, we are 100% certain you have seen this exact spoon rest at least once in your life. Boy, does this baby bring back memories. Fry up some chicken cutlets, roll up some meatballs, spice up the sauce and mull the wine with the grace of the most Italian-American spoon rest on the internet.

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Courtesy of Amazon