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The Stanley Adventure Quencher Water Bottle Went Viral on TikTok, and Now It’s Selling for $95 on eBay

TikTok users may love to share cool new products, but here at SPY, we do that professionally. Of course, we also keep a close eye on TikTok to see which random products are trending, and this summer, the viral gods have found the perfect water bottle — the 40 oz. Stanley Adventure Quencher.

The problem?

It’s perpetually out of stock.

So where can you buy the Stanley Adventure Quencher Water Bottle? Currently, this #IFoundItOnTikTok product is out of stock on Stanley’s website, back-ordered via Williams Sonoma (until December!), and being price gouged on Amazon, where it’s currently priced at $80. Over at eBay, we found listings selling this water bottle for as much as $94.95. While you can technically order it via sites like Amazon and eBay, your order will be fulfilled by a third-party reseller we can’t vouch for, and we recommend waiting until Stanley restocks the bottle on their website.

We’ll update you as soon as more water bottles become available.

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Courtesy of Stanley


Why Is the Stanley Adventure Quencher Water Bottle TikTok’s Latest Obsession?

One confession I should make upfront is that I’ve never actually tried this vacuum-insulated water bottle. However, it checks many of my boxes as someone passionate about hydration and carries around a water bottle daily.

Some of Stanley’s best-selling items include their high-quality water bottles, camping flasks and vacuum-insulated mugs that hearken back to the lunchboxes of baby boomer childhood. And now, they’ve captured the hearts of millennials looking to get all their hydration needs met. Well done, Stanley.

What can we say? Sometimes influencers hit the nail on the head, and it looks like they have with the Stanley Adventure Quencher. It has many of the key qualities you want in a daily go-to water bottle, including:

  • Capitalizes on the extra-large water bottle trend
  • A cup holder-friendly design that’s large up top but narrows further down
  • A large handle that makes the 40-ounce container easy to grab, whether you’re gripping it or slipping your entire hand through
  • A straw top for sipping that easily transforms into a wide mouth opening or can close and seal completely
  • It comes in bright colors
  • Vacuum-insulated for keeping cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm

Don’t take our word for it — products like this don’t go viral and spur customers to literally cross borders to pick them up for no reason.


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Editor’s Note: That last video is announcing a restock that happened in May of 2022.


Best Stanley Adventure Quencher Alternatives

While you wait for a restock, we gathered the best Stanley Adventure Quencher alternatives that we believe will satisfy most of the needs this water bottle meets. We included options from YETI, Hydro Flask, Stanley and some low-cost Amazon dupes as well.


Stanley Adventure Quencher 30 oz. Travel Tumbler

Stanley’s smaller, handle-less version of the Adventure Quencher is in stock and ready for purchase in four out of five colors. It comes with a narrower base for fitting inside cup holders, and is vacuum-insulated to keep drinks cold for up to nine hours and warm for five hours. The lid features the same three options as the larger cup, with a reusable straw, opening for sipping and a full-cover top for closing completely. It’s dishwasher-safe, made with 18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

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Courtesy of Stanley


Stanley Adventure Quencher 20 oz. Travel Tumbler

Stanley also has this even smaller Adventure Quencher Tumbler that’s designed to be the “just right” size for everyday use, with a narrow base and portable height. It has all the same features as the others minus the handle, including the three-position lid, reusable straw and vacuum insulation that keeps drinks hot for four hours and cold for eight hours.

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Courtesy of Stanley


YETI Rambler 30 oz. Travel Mug

YETI has a mug that pretty closely resembles the 40 oz. Stanley Quencher, and if you fork over the additional cash for the straw top, you’ve got a pretty close replica. This one comes with The Stronghold Lid for preventing accidental liquid spills and slips, and a narrow base designed to be cupholder-friendly. It also comes in a bunch of bright colors, including this Alpine Yellow.

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Courtesy of YETI


Hydro Flask 28 oz. All Around Tumbler

Hydro Flask doesn’t make a cup that’s large up top and narrower towards the bottom, but they do make a Tumbler with a cupholder-friendly bottom that’s vacuum-insulated, has a press-on sealed lid and is compatible with their add-on straw accessory so you can closely mimic Stanley’s cup.

It’s made with Hydro Flask’s TempShield technology for temperature regulation inside that keeps drinks cold, and the cup is dishwasher-safe with a Color Last powder coat on the outside so it’s easy to clean while also keeping the vibrant colors fresh. It’s also made with 18/8 stainless steel for durability and no flavor transfer.

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Courtesy of Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask 40 oz. Wide Mouth w/ Straw Lid

This water bottle from Hydro Flask is not cupholder-friendly, which is definitely one of the biggest pros of the Stanley cup. However, if you’re not a driver and care more about large capacity and the straw, this is an alternative worth checking out.

It’s got Hydro Flask’s TempShield technology for a record 24 hour chilling period for cold drinks without any perspiration on the outside. It also has a wide mouth and a flippable straw lid that can lower for convenience and sanitation and is compatible with most backcountry water filters. The Color Last powder coat is dishwasher-safe.

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Courtesy of Hydro Flask


Reduce 40 oz Mug Tumbler

This budget-friendly option from Reduce on Amazon has many of the key qualities of the Stanley Quencher bottle including a narrow bottom, handle, straw top and large 40 oz. capacity. It has a 3-in-1 straw lid as well as vacuum-insulation designed to keep drinks cold for up to 34 hours. It’s also dishwasher-friendly and sweatproof on the outside.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Hydrapeak Roadster 40 oz. Insulated Tumbler

This is another cheaper Stanley Adventure Quencher dupe designed with many of the same qualities as the original, including a handle, 2-in-1 straw lid and 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. The straw isn’t as long as the one with the Stanley or Reduce mug, but flips up and down like the one in Hydro Flask’s design, which is great for keeping bacteria and germs off  when not in use. It’s leak and sweat-proof, and keeps drinks cold for up to 34 hours.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Zibtes 40 oz. Insulated Tumbler With Straw

This stainless steel insulated tumbler is one of the most affordable options we could find, made of food-grade steel that’s rustproof and designed to not change the taste of the liquid inside. It comes with a leak-proof lid as well as two reusable straws, and is vacuum-insulated for temperature regulation. The bottom of the cup is designed to be easy to hold and fit inside most cup holders, and it has a handle for even easier gripping.

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Courtesy of Amazon