This Steak Aging Sauce is a Secret Ingredient for Expensive Restaurant Flavor

The Steak Aging Sauce that Adds

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* Adds Umami flavor
* Just a tablespoon seasons a pound of steak
* Adds golden crust when pan seared

The Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce is a sous-vide steak hack that lets you experience the flavor of steakhouse-style dry aged beef at home. Even without taking the time to pre-marinade, this sauce gives steaks a rich, mellow and delicious flavor. Just glaze your steak with about one tablespoon of the sauce per pound of meat before cooking sous-vide and the sauce makes it taste like a costly dry-aged steak.

The Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce pulls off this remarkable feat of accelerated aging with a mix of molasses, natural sugars, soy sauce and Japanese-style fish sauce. While it may seem counter-intuitive to season a steak with fish sauce, the anchovy extract and salt mixture is actually a pretty accurate chemical stand-in for what happens to steak during the dry-aging process.

In that way, the sauce is sort of like age in a bottle. The opposite of what you’d want to do to your face, maybe, but then, so is much of what we do to a fine steak, from tenderizing to pan-searing.

Speaking of searing, this sauce also helps give steak a delicious, golden crust when seared. It pairs well with marinades and garlic-based sauces and cooks into the meat without over-drying. Because the Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce is relatively thick, the sodium mostly stays on the outer crust of the meat, meaning it won’t detract from the steak’s juiciness or natural flavor.

It bonds naturally with the fats on the outside of a bone-in ribeye, for example, and gives each cut of meat a complex, smoky steakhouse flavor. The glutamic acid in the sauce adds the “umami” flavor to any steak or cut of meat, letting a home-cooked filet mignon or even a burger patty have the flavor usually reserved for expensive restaurants.

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