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This $22 Container Prevents Your Subs and Hoagies From Getting Soggy or Smushed

* Prevents sandwiches from getting soaked
* Waterproof and crushproof so your sammies will stay fresh and delicous
* Also protects your wallet and phone from getting wet

Nobody wants their lunch ruined. Especially when it’s caused by a cooler full of melted ice. Instead of keeping food cool, all that water soaks your sub sandwiches until they’re too soggy to savor. It’s the worst. But, a new solution has arrived from the hunger-quenching heavens. SubSafe is designed specifically to keep your sub from getting soaked and from keeping your sandwich from leaking all over your lunchbox.

Here’s what makes it great is that unlike square Tupperware, SubSafe fits your sub perfectly. And, unlike plastic baggies, SubSafe won’t leak. It provides sealed-in protection. So when you go to eat, your sandwich is always fresh and delicious. Not only that, SubSafe is waterproof and crush-proof, so you never have to worry about melted ice bloating your bread or your thermos crushing your meal.

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SubSafe is made of BPA-free plastic, the same plastic used to make baby bottles. So you know it’s safe. It’s re-sealable and re-usable, so you don’t have to destroy the environment anymore with plastic baggies. And, it has uses beyond sandwich protection.

For instance, you can use it as a drink cup or a bowl for cereal or soup. Going fishing or boating? SubSafe is great for keeping your keys, wallet, or phone completely dry. And, if it happens to fall overboard, don’t worry. It’s buoyant and will float.


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