Rack Up The Flavor With This Upright Rib Rack

rib rack
Image Courtesy of Sur La Table

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* Ceramic construction so ribs won’t stick
* Allows greater airflow for 360° cooking
* Saves space so you can cook more

Whoever figured out that ribs are good eating was focused solely on flavor and not the practical aspects of preparing them. Fortunately, there’s the Sur La Table Pro Ceramic Upright Rib Rack. It makes ribs easier to cook and more delicious to eat.

This incredible rib rack lets you smoke up to four racks of ribs upright. By increasing the airflow around your ribs, it cooks them faster and more evenly. Because ceramic is a non-porous surface, the meat sticks to the bones, not the rack.

This rib rack holds an entire rack of ribs in four snug slots. These slots prevent the ribs from slipping out and spilling onto the grill. The smart, compact design also saves you cooking space on your grill top, allowing you to cook more food at one time. Plus the lightweight design means you won’t have to break out your heavy cast iron to get the same high-heat cooking performance.

Even under the extreme heat, this rib rack stays looking great. That’s important, considering how much guests like to gather around the grill while they wait for food to cook. It’s also one of the simplest ways to turn your grill into the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

A bonus: once the ribs are done, you can serve them to your guests directly on the rack. No need to transfer them to a plate, and you’ll get extra points for presentation.

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